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Same-Sex Marriage National Legalization Research Paper

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Updated: Oct 1st, 2020

Freedom is essential. Every person on the earth loves enjoying life. Freedom involves liberty to expression, movements, and worship. According to the constitutions of many countries, all people are entitled to diverse types of freedoms including that of association. None on the earth is obliged to specific people as partners. This was also evidenced in historical practices; eminent persons practiced freedom of association. For instance, Pope Leo XIII believed in the privatization of faith. Artifacts in countries such as Egypt also proved that same-sex marriages were not only tolerated but also recognized by the governments in ancient times. Thus, freedom of association is not a new element, it existed before us.

According to Pope Leo XIII, all persons are entitled to confess whatever religion they prefer. Thus, it is evident that the freedoms of worship and association were adored in the past. Social contract theory also supports the will of the people. According to it, civil authority is the product of the will of people and not the Almighty. This theory was also backed by Pope Leo XIII. According to Leo XIII, all human races were entitled to controlling their own lives. He further added that each individual on earth had the responsibility of being his own master. From this, it is evident that Leo XIII agreed on every person having the freedom of doing whatever he or she likes. Therefore, no man on earth is entitled to ruling over other people’s opinions (McCarthy, 2008).

There is great evidence that parts of Mesopotamia in ancient Egypt practiced same-sex marriages. For instance, artifacts collected in most parts of Egypt have pictures that not only show that same sex relationship existed in the past but also recognized as legal practices by the kingdom. The laws of Mesopotamia granted individuals the right to association and marriage regardless of the strict observance of gender. It is also evident that none in Egypt suffered from taking part in same-sex relationships. Thus, it must be accepted at a national level because it is not associated with any negative impact (Dynes and Stephen, 1992).

Although it was not defined as homosexuality or heterosexuality, it is evident that countries in the West also practiced same-sex relationships in the early centuries. For instance, Plato’s Symposium depicts a clear picture of homosexual relationships that took place in Greece without any condemnation. According to older men in Greece, male attraction to their fellow men was a sign of masculinity. Additionally, none in Greece was entitled to questioning individuals’ feelings for each other. Thus, states must grant people their rights by allowing them to juggle their likes in life.

Most people consider lots of things before they choose whom to marry. Unfortunately, some people end up identifying the aspects they need in life in their fellow gender individuals. From this, it is evident that associations constituting persons with the same likes cannot be questioned or altered because none on earth has the responsibility of regulating individuals’ love issues. This was practiced also in the past; people from Greece considered love, beauty, and character and not gender before choosing marriage partners (Dynes and Stephen, 1992). Although women did not marry each other, Roman social customs in one way allowed same-sex marriages. This is evidenced in the existence of homosexual relationships among Roman emperors (Spilsbury, 2011).

Most traditional religions adored the will of the people on matters concerning same-sex marriages. For instance, the sacred texts referred to as Vedas by the Hindu’s recommended the observance of human rights. This also applied to Confucianism. Confucianism strongly emphasizes on the observance of lineage without restricting the practice of same-sex marriages. According to it, all sorts of marriages were good as long as the parties involved carried out their social obligations successfully. Currently, all religions including Buddhism that are associated with same-sex marriages, with mystery (Ishary) also provide no limitations to same-sex marriages. Since it is evident that almost all religions on the earth consider sexuality as a private matter that needs to be practiced by the adults at their choice, it is crucial to allow individuals to exercise their rights in whatever way.

The restriction of people from exercising their marriage rights has no significance in life; it has been proved ineffective in most countries. Most people practice same-sex marriages regardless of the restrictions from their respective governments. For instance, same-sex marriages do take place in the communities in India and China despite the existence of restrictive rules.

Most nations have a fear of expressing their opinions concerning their acceptance of same-sex marriages. This is evidenced in the involvement of many nations in accepting same-sex marriages after the Netherland allowed it in early 2001. For instance, Denmark restricted the same couple marriages despite it being among the first countries in the world to introduce civil partnership law for the same couples in 1989 (Nagle, 2010). Countries such as Norway and Sweden also allow people to marry each other irrespective of their gender. Currently, over 14 countries including South Africa allow same-sex marriages. Thus, same-sex marriages must be allowed national wide to avoid marriage abuses in society.

Same-sex marriages should be accepted nationally to lower the level of discrimination that takes place in many societies. Couples made up of individuals of the same sex have also been found, good parents. Such individuals must be allowed to exercise their rights to assist street children; the majority of the gays in America parent-children very well.

In conclusion, every person is entitled to enjoying his or her freedoms. This also applies to individuals involved in any sort of marriage. Same-sex marriages must be accepted at the national level. This is because every person has the right to freedom of association; none on the earth is supposed to be dictated whom associate with. Additionally, its practice started a long time ago and it was highly enjoyed. Thus, barring it from taking place nationally will not only have no significance but also will not manage to eradicate it. Most religions in the world also perceive it indirectly as an individual’s option that needs not to be altered. Also, most countries in the world have allowed it to be practiced by their citizens. It is also evident that individuals who practice it have good parenting qualities. Thus, it is crucial to allow it at the national level to reduce parenting problems in societies.


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