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Socio-Political Foundations of Hip-Hop Essay

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Updated: Jul 10th, 2018

‘The fire this time’ rings out the themes of indigenous resistance or indigenous reality. It shows there is a political, religious, and cultural connection among the African-American, Blacks and Native Americans and indigenous communities. This link is somehow unifying and cohesive among the people and enable people to appreciate each other more not necessary along racial boundaries, but on humane basis.

This video presentation shows the struggle for independence fought by indigenous individuals in West Papua New Guinea and other areas. This presentation is connected to a state of exploitation that continues in the world that has deprived people so much, yet the struggle continues (Raging Blakkindian Dub 2).

‘The sociology and history of African American’ brings out the theme of poverty. It observes that poverty levels are more concentrated to the urban areas due to the historical denial of access, deindustrialization, that is, lack of job opportunities, and segregation of groups. Poverty is particularly concentrated among the black community. The percentage of high poverty and extreme poverty areas has increased.

Also the book brings out the theme of crime and fratricide in an urban setting. It is notices that there is an increase in trend intra-racial homicide danger of the African Americans which is not particularly inter-racial; furthermore it was higher in black communities than any other group. By 1987, the ratio of blacks to whites is 1:9, yet almost one out of two people arrested of murder and none negligent manslaughter was a black, and 41% of those murdered were blacks (Black 210).

The cool pose’, this book brings out the theme of racism and discrimination among the various races in the United States. It also brings out the theme of dilemma of masculinity among men in the United States. Racism, harsh injustices and discrimination mostly affects black men, subjecting them to social stress and social symptoms.

Being a man and a black in US meant that one was weak economically, politically, and social arenas, which were occupied by whites. Also their hard work did not yield the same fruits as their counterparts, whites, in terms of wages and positions (Majors and Billson 3)

According to Chunk D. of ‘Public Enemy’ the “3Es” necessary for healthy community development were economics, education and enforcement, however these factors play a role in the pieces stated above. According to ‘cool pose’ social, economic and environmental problems have worsened the black men’s problems in school.

Drop-out percentages are stiff, failure is rampant, alienation is epidemic and performance is below average. Black men are suspended, expelled, kicked out and drop out of school that any other group. The black males form the highest percentage of the unemployed, in 1987 the unemployment rate stood at 34% as compared to only 17% of all races together.

According to Dr. Black (245), Blacks were always caught wrong footed by the law due to their negligent acts or desperate actions. Segregation and discrimination in workplaces have aggreviated the economic position of the black males. High poverty levels have affected their productivity and worsened their health. Segregation concentrates education disadvantage among the black communities.

External forces such as the police and the media also greatly influence the achievement of the “3Es”. The media reflect the state of the society and enlighten people on their rights and the realities of life. The media gives the people a conscious informed mind to decide in matters affecting their lives, for instance, cultural orientation, economic and political empowerment.

On the other hand, the police are the law enforcers, they are an instrument of the government to ensure law and order is maintained within the country and also ensures that rules of the law are adhered by everyone irrespective of the race. The police also ensure equity is maintained in administering justice to the masses.

There are issues that can be identified that affect other communities, not necessarily, African Americans, but regardless of the racial makeup. These include; gender discrimination, environmental calamities, political instabilities or poor governments, social unrests, corruption, and unfair judicial systems.

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