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Software PLC Company’s Management Essay

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Updated: Aug 28th, 2020

Software PLC is a company that develops and sells software but specializes in computer and console games. It consists of offices, a plant, warehouse, and distribution outlet. The members of the staff who represent the Research & Development department are in all discussed areas, which ensures that employees obtain required support but also affects their communication negatively. In addition to that, the company fails to maintain its HR functions efficiently, which can be proved by the fact that a lot of workers have recently left their positions and joined Software PLC’s competitor. As a result, the organization must employ new personnel and implement those initiatives that will strengthen their loyalty and prevent high turnover rates.

First of all, Software PLC should make sure that it hires the right employees who will fit the company totally, including its main operation and culture. HR managers should develop questions to interview potential candidates so that they can check not only if these people have all the required skills and knowledge but also whether their values and beliefs coincide with those other members of the staff have. Training will be needed to make sure that all novices are able to cope with their duties. A lot of people have already left the organization, so it is likely that only the most loyal employees stayed. However, it is batter to analyze their performance and fire those who do not fit the company’s culture. Of course, it may turn into a problem for a company that already lacks personnel, but such an approach tends to be beneficial from a long-term perspective. Software PLC can refer to this initiative when it overcomes the pick of work.

It is critical to ensure that the company offers competitive benefits to its clients. Of course, the staff should obtain fair wages because they determine their willingness to work and satisfaction. In addition to that, Software PLC needs to recognize employees’ achievements and reward them with complementary benefits, such as an extra free day or a ticket to the theatre. Flexible working schedule and the opportunity to balance life and work will be appreciated by workers and lead to the reduction of turnover. The development of a culture of engagement will have a positive influence on the company. HR managers should conduct surveys to gather employee feedback and get to know how to encourage and engage them.

It is also significant to make sure that the employees will have an opportunity to develop. People do not want to stay in the same position when they are already able to deal with more significant tasks. That is why they should be able to get a promotion with the course of time. Even before that, the members of the staff should be aware of the meaning of their work for the organization. HR managers need to emphasize the fact that all employees are working to reach a mutual goal and that their actions are valued on both individual and group levels. In this way, the personnel requires respectful treatment.

HR managers should find a way to make Software PLC’s workers happy within the organization so that they do not need to think of leaving it for competitors. It will be advantageous if they research to find out what is offered by other organizations that operate in the same sphere and base initiatives on the combination of this information and other best practices.

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