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Sport Industry in the USA Essay

Sports have become an important part of people’s lives. In the USA, sports can be regarded as a well-developed industry which has such characteristics as advertising and customer orientation. Thus, sport is not about results only as managers and clubs owners as well as athletes are often concerned with earning money. It is possible to consider three sources in media to understand the major focus of the contemporary sports industry.

Thus, Laurence Holmes, in his show, focuses on the joy of watching sports. The host focuses on the joy of the “Blackhawks glory days” (“Laurence Holmes” n.p.). This is a call-in program, and listeners share their emotions. The host also provides extracts from different sport games, and there is a lot of cheering. With the help of these extracts, Laurence manages to recreate the atmosphere of joy. In other words, the host shows why people are eager to pay for the delight of watching a sports game. Interestingly, the show’s sponsor was a park where listeners could also feel the joy of sport as they could do sport there.

Another show to be discussed is the Boers and Bernstein Show. The hosts discussed the performance of the Bears (“Boers and Bernstein Show” n.p.). Again, the major focus was made on listeners and their ideas. In other words, the hosts also focused on the customers of the product produced by the sports industry. Sports fans expressed their ideas on different players’ performance. The hosts also discussed the ways players should act to satisfy their fans’ expectations. Interestingly, the sponsor of the program was a sporting event.

It is possible to note that the two programs seem to be a combination of a research platform and a place to facilitate people’s interest. The hosts are emotional (like the vast majority of fans) and start arguing with each other and those who call or those who participate in the program. They often use humor and try to make their programs interesting to their listeners. Notably, one of the hosts’ aims is to promote their programs and make people listen to them. However, they are also promoting sports on the whole. The hosts are appealing to sports fans who are often adults (of the same age as the hosts are). The target audience of these programs is really wide and varies significantly. These can be males and females, adults and teenagers, white-collar employees, and unemployed or retired people. Clearly, sports are a customer-oriented business as everybody in the business are trying to satisfy fans and viewers who are, actually, customers.

Thus, the programs create a positive image of sports and focus on the orientation of the “business.” At the same time, a blogger focuses on the other side of the industry. Importantly, Zirin also stresses that athletes and especially sports organizations have a significant influence on people and try to satisfy their fans’ expectations (n.p.). Hence, everybody involved in the business has tried to condemn Suarez’s bite to make sure that they are on the same page with sports fans. Nonetheless, the authors also reveal the darker side of the business, which violates the rights of people to meet its customers’ needs and expectations. Zirin uses simple words and is quite emotional, so he also aims at the array of sports fans. However, the blogger does not want to promote sports as he emphasizes the negative effects of the expansion of the sports industry.

Admittedly, commercial representation of sports differs greatly from that of Zirin’s article. The radio programs are aimed at attracting more people. The hosts are trying to encourage people to buy tickets to a variety of events. They also want to make fans buy a variety of merchandise. For instance, devout fans are likely to buy T-shirts, caps, specific brands of footwear, and so on. Therefore, the industry will be developing and earning more money. Non-commercial sources act in the opposite way. The author is trying to make people think of the tools used in the industry and make managers, and all people involved more responsible. The blogger focuses on ethics, economy, and benefits for communities, whereas commercial radio programs concentrate on promoting sporting events as well as associated products and services.

In conclusion, it is possible to state that commercial media contribute greatly to the expansion of the sports industry. People are encouraged to think of the joy they experience during sports events. In this way, they are turned into customers who are made to buy more and more products and/or services. At the same time, non-commercial media (like blogs) try to draw people’s attention towards the darker side of the business and focus on social responsibility. Admittedly, this is up to people who source to choose and what aspects to pay attention to. It is obvious that both types of media are essential as they help the industry develop and remain within the boundaries of social responsibility. Though, the voices of non-commercial sources drowned in the noise of the sports industry.

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