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Storytelling of “The Nutcracker” Play Essay

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The play unfolds with Christmas celebrations, where Fritz and Clara (children) together with their parents look on pompously. Clara and her brother Fritz are seen jovial welcoming the visitors. Their godfather gives them two big dolls. Fritz starts fighting for Clara’s nutcracker as they open their gifts, eventually breaking them. At night, strange things happen when the entire room is invaded by mice. The nutcracker marshals a group of toy soldiers to fight the rats, but they are overwhelmed. Clara comes to their rescue by killing the king’s mouse. The nutcracker changes to a prince and takes Clara the Sugar Plum Fairy. They narrate to her about their encounter and they are recompensed with dances.

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One of the most fascinating things about this play is the storytelling style that Wayne Eagling adopts. He makes his narrative appear so real that it captivates both the children and the adults. He ensures that each event attributes to specific facets of music. Besides, he brings out a number of themes at the beginning of the play, the thing that many other play writers are not able to. One cannot resist watching this play again and again. The color combinations make one belief in the events taking place on stage. Everything appears real.

Apart from color combination and music, the play-writer selects his characters well. He manages to change the roles of different characters without contradictions. One of the characters that stand out in the entire play is Junor Souza, who acts as the nutcracker. In some instances, he dances with his face covered while in others with his face unmasked. The changing behavior of this character makes the play baffling. In some cases, the character is white, while in some scenes he appears black. It makes one wonder what the character depicts in the play. I remember one of the audiences claiming that the figure represents Michael Jackson.

The play is fascinating, and the characters are well selected. Nevertheless, it is hard for one to connect the story with some stages. The nature of the nutcracker makes the play somehow confusing. Souza exhibits two personalities thus becoming hard to tell who he represents. I do not like the way he appears black and white in different scenes. Just like the audience who asks whether the character represents Michael Jackson, I feel like someone is being mocked. The play-writer should have come up with two charters for these roles. For the case of snowflakes, they look entertaining. However, the play would have been more captivating had it included the actual snow. The snow would have made the stage appear real.


The play is said to be worth it if it is capable of maintaining its viewership for a long. The Nutcracker is one of the many plays that have passed the test of time. The costumes and stage arrangement make many people wish to watch the film frequently. The style of storytelling the play adopts leaves the audience glued to the screen. In spite of few flaws in the play, one agrees that this is one of the best plays to watch with the family. I would recommend this production for it has not only managed to come up with a good play but has also used the play to bring out numerous themes that are critical to our day to day life.

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