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Art Essay Examples and Topics

Islamic Art: Early Medieval Period

In the following paper I will examine the example of the mina'i ware Ewer in order show how these aspects are presented in the ewer of the 12th century which is a perfect example of [...]

The Black Madonna of Breznichar

The prominence of the Black Madonna is majorly due to the miraculous character it poses to the pilgrims. Since the black Madonna is a representation of the Virgin Mary, there are people of Catholic denomination [...]

Chinese Art: Art at Court

In the case of Guanxiu's Luohans, it seems reasonable to infer that the Emperor and the abbot wanted to ensure the exact duplication of each image.

Positive Impact of Islamic Art on Society

Its impact of social and cultural development of the Islamic World and other cultures can be considered to be positive because it has introduced uniqueness, originality, and unity of Islamic culture, architecture, media and politics.

Principles of Management / film review

On the other hand, Commodus who is now the defunct heir to the throne throws a fit after learning from his father that he will not become Emperor to the kingdom. Lucilla and Maximus had [...]

Art During the Renaissance

Though the artistic revolution is considered in this article as the major element of the renaissance, it was a result of the revolutions in the other elements such as the scientific, philosophical and the linguistic [...]

Buddha Image in Asian Art Work

It is therefore believed that the author of Buddha image was Shakyamuni, one of the artists sent to heaven by Maudgalyayana who can be considered as the patron of this art work.

Types of Fonts Used in the Medieval Age

Gothic fonts are good when they are used appropriately hence when one is designing a document it is important to consider the position of the written material that will be occupied by this kind of [...]

Compositional Unity

In this painting repetition has been employed by having a continuous line of the edge of the lady's dress which brings association among the objects of this image that is the woman and the ground [...]

Different Types of Music

One of the commonest types of music is Gospel music. It is a type of music where songs are written and played with the objective of praising or honoring God.

Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance

These aspects are evident among current sculptors."Significance of Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance" This is a research investigating and analyzing the different arguments on philosophical nature of Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance, from various art [...]

Hitchcock’s Rear Window: Dream Analysis

The first and the main scenario that unfolds in the courtyard is the situation with a married couple, where the husband gets so much tired of the wife's constant complaints and demands for attention that [...]

Summary of Chapters on Music

The importance of music in the life of a parish is hard to overestimate. In the era of Romanticism, the attention to historical past of church music was by large a merit of scholars.

Bob Dylan Blowin In the Wind

The audience of Blowing in the Wind is primarily the United States of America government and to some extent the whites living America around this time.

Okinawan Music

The funs of okinawan music are over the world. Famous musicians, guitarists, and dancers in Okinawa music have also contributed much in the growth of this music.

The Future of Music Production

However, in order to determine whether quality in music is lost in using modern technology, we need to compare analogue and digital music production systems that many claim to be the cause of the deterioration [...]

Infernal Affairs

Yan works as a spy for the police force, to the knowledge of his boss only, in the Triad Society since graduating from the police academy.

Filippo Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto

In his Futurist Manifesto published in 1909 in Paris, Marinetti formulated the essence and the purpose of the Futurist movement and thus outlined the "ethical code" of a New Artist, a Futurist.

Food Presentation as a Form of Art

According to Ridley and Neil, despite the wide consideration of view in support of food aesthetics, the rejection of food as art is due to lack of ritual settings that can provide most of the [...]

The Truman Show movie

This overview tackles the writer's purpose, the life of Truman in relation to that of Jesus Christ as well as that of Christof in relation to that of God.

The artwork Cosa by Judi Werthein

Description and Analysis Work's use of the systems of global capitalism Relationship to the global system of exhibiting art in biennials and institutions The symbolism of the elephant and of air Cosa is an [...]

Leon Golub: Historical witness

The paintings mainly expressed realities of power in terms of the relations between social and political spheres. With the help of his paintings, Golub argued that the relationship between identity and masculinity with power and [...]

Chicago: Crossroads of America

However, the most significant artifact which reflects not only the history of Chicago, but the whole spirit of this city is, to my mind, the Pioneer locomotive.

Beginner Drawing Lessons

In ensuring maximum learning from this lesson, individuals require a minimum of five minutes whereby, it is important for individuals to conduct a critical analysis of the quality of their scribbling, in terms of orderliness, [...]

Stylistic Analysis of Film Script

Concerning the structure of the plot, the author uses a flashback, returning to the events in the past. The most impressive feature of the script to the film is its specific word choice.

The Epic of Gilgamesh

After killing Humbaba in the forbidden forest of cedars, Gilgamesh and Enkidu returns home to find Ishtar, the goddess of love full of lust for Gilgamesh.

The Magic Ring

It all began on a typical day with the sun shinning down on the besieged city of Orleans."If only our great god Azula would have mercy on us and rescue our beloved city from these [...]

History and Development of Dance

The art of dancing was connected by Greeks to the idea of harmony and perfection of human body: therefore, dancing ultimately had to be graceful in order to emphasize and not to destroy the natural [...]

Report of an Orchestra Concert

The orchestra concert I have to evaluate and discuss is exciting and unique because it represents a beautiful combination of the works by such great composers like Strauss and Tchaikovsky, Schoenberg and Barber.