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Business Essay Examples and Topics

Impact of Culture on Communication

And also the differential consideration by the society to men and women, the approach of people in the lower strata of the society towards the social difference and the attitude of people to avoid uncertainty [...]

Interested Parties in Business

As a rule, owners have more impact on the financial affairs of the company, because one of the owners' major duties is to provide the company with the necessary sources of capital.

Australian Wine Industry

To better understand the conditions in the Australian wine industry, it is necessary to consider the history of the industry. Increasing the market share of the wine industry in the UK has been very crucial [...]

Managing and Leading Project Teams

This means that the project team put together may not trust each other well enough and it is the duty of the project manager to build and sustain trust amongst team members to ensure that [...]

Persuasive Message

This form of shopping has influenced the behavior of the consumers, the organization and that of the advertising market target. It is influenced by the quality of the products, the advertising means, the prices and [...]

Nature of the Industry

One of the primary characteristics of the athletic products industry is the rapid change of technology in both the retail and the sporting markets.

Need for Good Leadership in Organizations

Meetings that make leadership development persons to meet will resign to virtual networks, which link different groups like customers and suppliers, who have a stake in the process. The aim of this process will also [...]

Ethics Incorporation

In this paper, the writer attempts to examine the role of ethics and social responsibility in developing a strategic plan in an organization.

Company Analysis: Del Monte Foods

Del Monte Foods Company is a processing plant that deals with the production of consumer products and pet foods from the processing of fruits, vegetables and ingredients.

The Walt Disney Company

The first segment of the company products are the television networks where the company is the owner of the American Broadcasting Corporation.

Double circle problem

In the case of the double-circle problem, one is required to draw two parallel circles- one small one inside a large one- without lifting the writing instrument.

Zappos Case Study: Operations Management

The company believes that the right corporate culture is the foundation of exceptional customer service. According Tony, zappos is a company that is committed to delivering happiness to all the stakeholders.

Concept of the Business Research Process

The main aim of conducting business research is to identify the best business strategies and stipulating how to maximize profits when the strategies are applied. The first hurdle in the business research process is the [...]

Columbia Industries, Inc. by John Zerio

In a quest for the leadership of the Columbia Industries, Inc, to address the safety and performance problems with the Hyster lift trucks formally presented by the head mechanic, a number of options were explored.

The Retail Side of ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is among the biggest publicly traded organizations based on market capitalization in the globe and is the biggest organization in the globe based on the income. It is also expected that participation of oil [...]

Management: Shareholder Wealth Optimization

If management only considers the profit interest of the shareholders, they are going to sell the corporation to the highest bidder without considering the losses that may arise to the employees and the local community.


Among the means employed is the use of Oxfam's website. The supporters of Oxfam can be encouraged to use Twitter.

Forecasting Chapter Summary

With the arrival of the new coach, the attendance in the five Saturday home games steadily began to increase as shown in the tables below.


When Wal-Mart tried to install the RFID, the suppliers opposed the move citing the high cost of obtaining tag readers and other machineries like computer systems to run the program effectively.

MLA Product Strategy

In addition, the marketing section should foster consumer and brand loyalty by ensuring the clients that the slight difference in pricing is well compensated by the intangible services the company offers to its clients.

Cybersecurity Policy

The major purpose for establishing security guidelines is to set an organization's data security standard and describe the role of employees in safeguarding the documents of the firm, as well as the significance of a [...]

Qatar National Sport Day

To increase the number of student participants in the next QNSD, the department of sports at the College of the North Atlantic-Qatar needs to create awareness of the importance of sports and the national sports [...]

Recommendation Memorandum

In particular, it is necessary to speak about the storage capacity of the hard-disk drive, memory, processor, and the dimensions of the display.

Aggregate Planning

It is concerned with determining the quantity and timing of production in order to meet forecasted demand at the lowest cost possible and by maintaining the quality of the product at the same time.

Impact of Technology on Business

This paper is an analysis of the impacts that technology has had on businesses in the past and the impact that future technology is expected to have on businesses.

Wendy Wong Interview Research

In her opinion, her entry into fashion was purely by chance because although she loved fashion as she was growing up, it never occurred to her that she would build her career in it.

ClothesHome E-commerce Business Plan

Keys to success The company's keys to successes include: Provision of services that meet consumers' needs Effective and continuous marketing User friendly and trendy website Enhancement of product quality The goal of ClothesHome Company is [...]

Doing Business in South Korea

Through a "modernization and industrialization" program which began in the 1960s, the Republic of South Korea has been able to grow and at the present, it is ranked as the 14th largest economy in the [...]

Strategies for Entering New Markets

The importance of this is that the company only incurs operational costs of importing and selling the products and avoids the huge capital outlay that is associated with investing and producing in the country of [...]

Sendwine.com Website and Its Performance

The managers of the company were forced to invest in corporate and training programs in order to ensure that the newly hired employees would improve the overall productivity of the company.

Negligence and Liability

Where the court finds the fault on the part of both the claimant and the defendant, then the damages will be reduced to the extent that the court thinks just and equitable.

The Apple Company

The share price of the company is over $530 making Apple the most successful company in the technological sector. In this paper, the effect of the apple company on the society in terms of ordinary [...]

The Plan for Resolving the Data Management Problem

The data management problem within the healthcare industry can be resolved only using the complex approach based on the effective plan which includes such important components as the implementation of electronic health records, the orientation [...]


Moreover, the report will give an overview of the limitations of the study, with regards to ways in which the program could not help the company in the training and development of its employees.

Chrysler Corporation Business

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the current internal business operations of Chrysler Corp and its chances to survive in the market of digital technologies.

The core competencies used by organizations

In addition, the organization is faced with the challenge of resources and the need to increase its revenue. The third core competency of the US Marine Corps is the provision of integrated quality life operations [...]

IDEO’s Support Structure

In advancing organizational learning, the system that helps the organization to avoid the learning disabilities is proactive organization thinking. The essence of this technique is to come up with several models of a line of [...]

Food Security Policy Brief

The long term solution is that the FAO with the support of other nations should launch a project that is aimed at improving productivity of the association of local farmers and also to provide food [...]

Adidas in 2009

In the description of the restructuring process, there has been a new creation of the organisational structure aimed at yielding some long-term developments in the company. In the restructuring process, the aim of the company [...]

Strategic Analysis of Target Corporation

At the top of the firm is the board of directors that understands that corporate governance practices must evolve continuously in order to balance the ever changing interests of the company's stakeholders such as the [...]

Cultural Awareness

Employees can do research about the culture of their work mates during their free time in order to enhance their cultural knowledge and understanding.

Change Management Models

Overall, there is the need to realize that in order to manage change in a healthcare organization; one should have excellent technical, people-oriented, and organizational skills.

Leadership in Management

The participative leadership style involves the leader allowing members of the group to take part in the decision-making. It involves a leader that gets the best people in the organization to perform.

Netflix Business

From the enormous negative comments noted by customers, there seem to be some disconnection between the vision of the company and the needs of its customers.

Barton Case Study

Back in the year 1985, the company was the king of this industry, but now, her rivals are dominating the industry. Primarily, the company needs to assess the situation and identify the reasons that enhanced [...]

Conflict Resolution

The employees who have worked in the organization for long feels humiliated when a promotion is awarded to an employee who joined the organization recently.

Employee orientation policy

HP uses two forms of training to new employees: the classroom-based and the online-based training sessions. The enormous success and continuity that has characterized HP company is attributed to the new orientation and training policy.

Three forms of business organization

However, the owner can seek the help of members of the family in operating the business. The partners take the responsibility of controlling and managing the business as spelt out in the partnership deed.

Tools and Approaches of Conflict Resolution

In this case, the individual uses a variety of resources and strategies of authority to achieve holistic goals. Successful communication as applied in conflict resolution occurs when a speaker considers the perception of listeners than [...]

Camp Bow Wow Company Growth

The expansion of Heidi's pet business has continued into Canada where it offers similar services.[3] The firm appreciates the importance of collaborations in escalating its business and encourages huge proportions of interested persons to adopt [...]

Memorandum to the Board of Directors

I highly recommend the Board that the company should go with the first option: the Company should get out of the business of selling leaded gasoline in the near future.

Toyota Marketing Strategies

The many reasons that led to the success of the Prius need an analysis hence this paper will discuss the macro environmental factors that have affected the marketing of Prius as well as hybrid marketing [...]

Business and Strategy Manager Job

The essential elements at this level are the message passed on to the potential employees, which are in the form of advertising and include the job description and the qualifications for the right candidates.

Job Analysis: Store Keeper

Job analysis of the position of a store keeper at HP will ensure that the company hires the most qualified and most suitable person to fill the position.

Listening and Empathy Responding

In addition, a good listener pays close attention to the body language and facial expressions of the speaker. A good listener is empathic because he/she takes time to understand what the speaker is saying.

The Regency Grand Hotel

This was the scenario at the Regency Grand Hotel, whereby employees were accustomed to the hierarchical form of management and, as a result, they had difficulties in adjusting to the new flat leadership approaches.

US Army Decision Making Style

US Army is the largest department of the United States Armed forces; leaders in the institution have to make decisions to address day-to-day operation of the department.