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Ecology Essay Examples and Topics

Nuclear Energy Benefits

One of the factors why nuclear energy is an effective source of energy is that it is cost effective. The other factor that makes nuclear energy cost effective is that the risks associated with this [...]

Water Crisis in UAE

Ali comments that "the consumption level of water exceeds the available sources" while Boberg asserts that "water is one of the resources that is scarce" made an analysis of the water crisis in UAE based [...]

Urbanization and the Environment

Due to urbanization, the number, the size, the kind and the compactness of cities, in addition to the effectiveness of their management of the environment are major concerns for attainment of the international sustainability.

Fossil fuels have no future

This paper will argue that fossil fuels have no future and the world needs to develop renewable energy sources to satisfy the energy demands of the world.

Human Population and the Environment

The fertility rate of a given species will depend on the life history characteristics of the species such as the number of reproductive periods in the lifetime of the species and the number of offspring [...]

Health Effects of Global Warming

Studies which have been conducted in the United States about the effects of global warming on human health and mortality have mainly concentrated on either the rise in days with extremely hot weather or the [...]

The Next Alternative Fuel

The political volatility of the petroleum producers means that the source is insecure thus the high venerability to disruption of supplies, p 4).

Increased Emissions of Greenhouse Gases

This is the increase in the temperatures of the earth's air surface and the subsequent increase in the water levels. On the other hand, the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes oceans to [...]

Water Quality Issues in Developing Countries

According to WHO, the quality of drinking water is a foundation for the prevention and control of waterborne ailments, thus water quality is a critical environmental determinant of health for populations using the water.

Car Pollution in Moscow

The explosion of the number of cars in Moscow has largely contributed to the air pollution in this city. The jam also increases the time the engines are on; therefore increasing the amount of the [...]

Housing; Safety Of Beach Water Users

With the current relocation of people in large masses to the coastal areas, there has been an increase in pollution of beach waters due to sewage contamination rendering the waters unsafe for recreational activities.

Ocean Policy Change

Policies addressing the issue of ocean dumping and the need to curb it have been in place. Several factors fueled the change; for instance, change in the information concerning the effect of ocean dumping to [...]

Water Distribution System in Boston

Later, the Wachuset and the Quabbin water reservoirs were built to further supplement water shortages and then the MWRA's integrated water supply system was established to improve the supply of water which still supports the [...]

Plate Tectonics and Its Types

The movement of these plates is facilitated by the fact that they float on the Earth's molten magma on the region called asthenosphere, which lies, below lithosphere.