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Statistics and Research Designs in Psychology

The similarities between descriptive and inferential statistics are in the fact that these two types of statistics operate the definite data which are the results of the observations or experiments conducted within the definite sample.

Statistics in the Everyday Life

Moreover, when persons have to present the solution to this or that question or decide how to act in the definite situation they also use the statistical data on the issue as one of the [...]

Quantitative and Qualitative Paradigms’ Characteristics

With the two research paradigms defined, the paper concentrates on establishing the difference in characteristics of the two models, based on philosophy, ontology, epistemology, and methodology. Ontology concentrates on the multiplicity of realities with the [...]

Gender-Scores Relation: T-Test Analysis

Pratt and Cullen noted that the computation of the t-test statistic provides a measure of the equality of the hypothesized mean and the statistical mean, which is expressed as the standard deviation of the difference [...]

Descriptive Statistics and Statistics Anxiety

For example, for the typical cases, the mode, the median, and the mean measures are recommended; for exploring the nature of the distribution of the variable, the test of Skewness or Kurtosis is applied; and [...]

Quantitative Research Methods’ Types

The Independent variable is manipulated to determine effects on the dependent variables, and this is on subjects that are randomly assigned to the treatments in the experiment, they are not identified in natural groups as [...]

Tobit Model in Econometrics

In a case of an analysis involving the general income as the dependent variable, if the available data is on the high-income group of the population, then a truncation in the analysis will result.

Water-Energy Nexus

That is water used to generate energy and energy used to provide water. Compromises exist between water and energy that are necessary to ensure adequate supply and security of these resources.

Concept Paper and Research Study

A concept paper is a project idea, which is usually brief and highlights the main components of the main research project before embarking on developing a proposal.

Research Methodology in the Field of Education

The other factor to consider when determining the research design is the availability of data for the research. The other disadvantage is that an established conceptual framework has the possibility of backfiring, especially if the [...]

Research Design: Methods and Approaches

The authors have used the best approach to describe and address the above problem. The article gives the best background information in order to inform the reader about the issues affecting such English inquiries.

Astronomical Distances: Measuring Methods

This hypothesis follows from the logical fact that if the light from these astronomical objects needs billion of years to reach the earth, then as a matter of consequence, the age of the entire universe [...]

Data Saturation and Variability

From a theoretical perspective, data saturation is a critical technique in determining the sample sizes required in qualitative research. From this perspective, variability code frequency and stability is critical to data saturation and the qualitative [...]

Variables and Measurements in Research

For instance, in a study on the use of a limb sock to reduce edematous residual limbs, the limb sock is an independent variable while the dependent variable is the residual limb.

Map Making History and Development

Globalization has made the world interconnected at a level that was unprecedented in the past resulting in people thinking of the world and the various countries and societies within it in a way that is [...]

Management Theories and Their Permanence

While considering the permanence of a theory, it is crucial to apply efficient tools for measuring its validity. Thus, one cannot claim that a theory is inconsistent due to the distant timeframes of its foundation.

Epistemological Stance in Management Research

As a result, it appears that while the epistemological stance is significant for any researcher, for the strong constructionism, it is of particular importance, since, for this stance, the researcher is deeply engaged in the [...]

Correlation and Causation Distinction

In such a study data analysis and statistics should include both the patterns that prove causality and the ones that work against it. Only in this case, the study is fair and unbiased.

Correlation and Causation Differences

This will require quantitative data to determine the correlation between the two variables. A positive or negative association between the variables will suggest a causal relationship.

Systems Theory: History and Concepts

According to Hammond, when viewed from the context of history and evolution of social thought, it appears that the science related to unified systems theory is a product of 20th-century thinking.

Statistics: Independent Variables and Noise

Marking out the variables in research enhances the understanding of the test that is being carried out. As a result, the researcher is expected to reduce the resulting variability at the end of the study.

The Logic of Using Quantitative Data

As far as the types of quantitative data required to show the results of an intervention are concerned, it can be suggested that the information including the grades that the students receive for their performance, [...]

Stars and Their Formation

As a result, it can be noted that chemical evolution that takes place in the universe is dependent on the activities of the large stars.

Genetic Screening Pros and Cons

It is with these considerations that this paper will set out to look at the merits and demerits of genetic screening so as to authoritatively state if the genetic screening is worthwhile to the individual.

Colony Collapse Disorder in Honeybees

The study looks at the characteristics of this disorder which include the complete disappearance of healthy bees leaving the queen behind in the hive together with some worker bees as well as the young ones.

Outer Space and Its Impact on the Earth

As the name implies, the outer space exists in a void area where there is no atmosphere of the Earth. The temperature varies with the time of the earth day on the outer space area [...]

Scientific Contribution to Militarization

Since the discovery of the modern day science, it has been used to advance the societal welfare in a similar way in which it has been applied in activities that contribute to the destruction of [...]

The Continental Drift’ Concept

Although a strange interlocking that shapes the coasts of Europe and Africa with those of the New World were found at the end of the sixteenth century, it took nearly 200 years for the empirical [...]

The Religion Implications in the Modern Cosmology

Different religions in the world have disparate teachings about the origin of the universe. The aforementioned religions are all monotheistic, but they have different explanations regarding the existence and the origin of the universe.

Forward Osmosis and Possible Challenges

To this end, the literature in this essay tries to establish the challenges that come with the adoption of FO by a state. To this end, the quality of the feed-water influences the fouling of [...]

The Suez Canal’s Geostrategic Importance

Suez Canal is known all around the world due to its frequent presence on the news and in the middle of various geopolitical and economical conflicts, confrontations, misunderstandings and rivalries. The size of the ships [...]

Salzman’s and Miner’s Views on Anthropology

Drawing on the work of Radcliffe-Brown, Malinowski, and Durkheim, Salzman explains that anthropologists seek to understand the "interrelationship between cultural elements", This reminds the reader of the discussion in Thinking Anthropologically of "interdependence" and "inter-relationship" [...]

The Suez Canal’s Geopolitical Significance

In this respect, the Suez Canal plays an important role in the acquisition of natural gas and oil as it eases the cost of transportation of these products that would have otherwise been transported around [...]

Human Relation with Tropical Fish

Tropical fish, for example, goldfish, clownfish, mosquito fish, and zebrafish, are some of the most common fish in aquariums. One of the ethical implications of the human-animal relationships is in regards to the public perception [...]