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Sociological Issues Essay Examples and Topics

The Civil Rights Movement

Although the positive role of the Civil Rights Movement for changing the role of the African Americans in the American society is visible, this topic is also essential to be discussed because the movement for [...]

Social Alienation

This section of the paper explains the depth of the differences in eastern and western perceptions of social alienation and how the social, economic, and political structures of the east and the west affect their [...]

Rural Injustice, the Fiction

Thus, the author chooses the technique of reportage to represent the story of Chen-chen, and she relies on the use of the realistic tone in order to describe and emphasize all the details of the [...]

Gift to Grandmothers

With the view of reducing the impact of poverty as a result of HIV to the grandmothers of Kelowna, the foundation has managed to attain high quality services and remains relevant to the changing needs [...]

Foster Care and Adoption Service

The role of the human services professional is to understand the behavior and the expectations of each party in the adoption agreement and offer appropriate information to avoid misunderstanding in the future.

Demographic Analysis and Proposed Model

In the review of the population dynamics discussed in the literature review section, this section of the paper will utilize administrative records in the development of independent estimate of the gangs existing in the country.

Legal Themes in the Good Wife TV Series

Rather, the attention of the paper is dedicated to TV series with particular focus on the use of legal themes and the depiction of legal characters in the fourth series of The Good Wife.

History of Palouse Industries

The vision of the organization is to strive and gain support for all undertakings and operations of charitable organizations, public agencies, and business as well as ensuring that every preschool effectively and sufficiently serves the [...]

The Major Factors of Teenage Pregnancy

Mooney, Knox, & Schacht, states that low self-esteem is often associated with abused children and are one of the factors that shape teenagers' sexual behavioral patterns and lead to teen pregnancy.

Television and Children

To be able to deal with the situation, it is vital to conduct a study that may help in identifying the impact of television viewing on children.

Fairy-tale Cinderella

The do not only make shifts to social environment, but also tap into consciousness of individuals, particularly to that of children who are obsessed with the plotlines and magic that story's heroes work.

Children and Material Culture

It is important to examine the problems and issues that surround childhood and children's material culture in order to ensure culture studies are more focused on children and that children are extra visible within the [...]

Creative Children’s Culture

In this case, the use of a naturalistic reference frame refers to the ability of a researcher to collect and use data from the natural behavioral patterns of children.

Careers in Human Services

The main role of an employee that provides the human service is to help people and communities to operate properly in the key spheres of life.

Sociology of Emile Durkheim

Durkheim also argued that lack of regulation in the society was another major cause of suicide in the society. One of the major causes of suicide according to Durkheim is lack of integration in the [...]

Mobile Phone Use by Teenagers

This paper will address the negative impacts that mobile phones are having on teenagers' school life. Campbell confirms that most teenagers have the desire to upgrade their phones in order to fit in with their [...]

Teenage Suicide Case

On the same note, they should be in a position to talk to the child and when they cannot handle the problem they forward the student to the school canceller who may take away the [...]

Psychology of Implicit Attitudes

In addition, the responses enable individuals to be sensitized about the nature of implicit attitudes that able people have towards people with disabilities.

Child Labour Policies

While the US and many other European nations accept that the banning of any illegal form of child labour is vital for enhancing observance of the rights for children, some nations, especially in the developing [...]

Aging as a Social Process

Society is able to grow and progress because of the values and conventions that the elderly pass on to the upcoming generations.

Immigration and Asylum

Specifically, the author denotes a kind of diasporas which began to form from the time of the USSR collapse, this is the returned diasporas. The Van Hear's and Cohen's visions of the types of diasporas [...]

Understanding Cities and Regions

In this regard, the distinction of the two entities involves the analysis of spatial and temporal comparisons, structural change, design and the implementation of policies.

Media and Power

In the case with African refugees, it is possible to assume that these people can count on support of media rather than on the support of social media. At that, young people are likely to [...]

Tradition versus Modernity

The person is able to feel the worth of his or her clothes and appreciate it. A person is able to decide when to do the cleaning and the amount of clothes he or she [...]

Does multiculturalism undermine civic unity?

Studies have shown that the consequence of that freedom is the emergence of conservative groups living in rural parts of a nation, and which hesitate to cooperate with others especially from the urban settings.

Indigenous People and Globalization

One of the effects of globalization on indigenous peoples of Canada could be identified as signing of land surrender treaties. British government dispossessed most First Nations of their land and heritage during war invasions and [...]

Social Stratification

The significant changes in economic, gender and social stratification are brought about by changes in the political, economic, and social landscape of this nation.

Educational Trends That Impact Workforce Diversity

Because of the ease of communication and travelling, different people currently prefer learning in the institutions that are considered to offer the best, irrespective of the distance. With time, these individuals would come to appreciate [...]

Jewish Life in North America

The difference in the opinion of the relevant parties in the program was the main reason for research on the effectiveness of the program.

Social worker in a hospital

These key vales, ethics and principles include; Understanding the hospital and the health services given by the hospital Planning for release from hospital Support in adjusting to ill health Giving counsel and emotional support Providing [...]

Research Proposal about Naked Marriage

The issue of naked marriage is on the rise in the Asian region, a situation worrying most of the parents. In addition, the research will also examine the relationship between Luohun and the society in [...]

Phenomenon of Modern Subjectivity

The phenomenon of modern subjectivity involves a wide range of constituents; although it is the work of the imagination, which is recognized to be one of the most important elements the subjectivity includes.

Volunteering in leisure sector

The review shows that individuals are motivated due to the benefits that come with volunteering in the sector and the nature of the activity.

How is health a sociological issue?

To understand and deal with the issue of health effectively, it is important to take it in various dimensions for instance as a biological, mental as well as a social aspect.

Impact of Voluntary Organizations on State

Funding is one of the important areas in which the voluntary sector organizations cannot ignore while running these organizations. New funding practices that are complex and changing posses a great challenge to the voluntary sector [...]

The Attitude to Prostitution in Different Times

Prostitution as the profession has revolutionized having become a simple satisfaction of the sexual desire, however, in the Middle Ages prostitution was a more responsible and valuable profession with the presentation of many freedoms to [...]

The Different Perspectives of Sex Work

The analysis will include a critical annotation of the research articles, a critical reflection on the information revealed in the articles and a description of the direction of future research.

Report on Aging Population in Singapore

In light of the abovementioned demographic trends, it is imperative that the government put in place strategies and programmes to address isolation and depression facing the ageing populations.

Social Class Status

Social class is the status of the society in which individuals are classified on basis of political, economic and cultural perspectives.

The Neglect of the Elderly

In this context, elderly neglect is the failure of caregivers to discharge their responsibility appropriately. Thirdly, caregivers and other people working with the elderly should be given proper recognition to boost their morale.

Online gaming and behavior

In addition, it has been known that people engage in online gaming activities to escape social pressure or abuse as they find solace in the games as they do not directly intrude into the character [...]

Emergence of Social Work in Britain

The law established a poor law commission that would oversee the plight of the poor people in the state. Through the law, the small centers that assisted the poor had to be merged in order [...]

Concept of Millennial Generation

Generation y, also referred to as the Millennial Generation, Echo Boomers or Net Generation describes the demographic group succeeding generation x. In the media fraternity, the tem generation y initially appeared during the onset of [...]

Generation Me: Twenge’s Concept

Twenge also attributes the development of the sense of self to the decline of the church and religious teachings. Finally, Twenge attributes the development of the sense of self and individualism to the institutionalized prominence [...]

Prejudice against Homosexuality

Society and religion Many people from different society levels have different views on homosexuality with religious leaders and followers arguing that the practice is disrespect to God and immoral assault to the society.

Societal Structural Order and Change

In his book, The Division of Labor in Society, Durkheim dwells upon the specialization in labor as a function of the process that contributed to solidarity and social density in the society.

Stereotyping in the Human Culture

Stereotyping a particular group of individuals may have an influence on how the group is perceived by the society and probably alter the expectations of the society on the group.

Children and Playing

They should also provide the necessary conditions for their children to play comfortably. NGOs can also be helpful since they can influence the government to engage in children-friendly-movements.

The Sociology of Modernization and Development

Empowerment is mandated with the role of addressing a certain social evil or undesired phenomenon prevailing in the community, the main objective of the moves is to improve the marginalized population and making their economic, [...]

Child Protection in the UK

The development of the child protection system in the United Kingdom has been distorted by two factors namely; the impact of media reporting and the way in which celebrated child abuse tragedies have been handled.

The Issue of Stereotyping in the US

In the US, the issue of stereotyping still remains a problem in the society despite the evident activism and advocacy for equality and no tolerance to discrimination of any form. Hence stereotyping is a strategy [...]

Durkheim’s study of suicide

Durkheim argues that, suicide is a social phenomenon, and the main causes of suicide were social: the end of overpowering of social relationship.

Social and Political Changes

The thing is that the Bible was read and understood only by people that knew the Latin language whereas the interpretation of it was in accordance with the principles, goals, and intentions of the church [...]

Children as Future Consumers

This paper will deal with the topic of materialism and consumerism; the positive and negative effects of consumerism especially on children; and finally mitigation strategies to be undertaken to ensure that children are better future [...]

Culture and Anarchy by Mathew Arnold

This is due to the lack of awareness to the new culture. The entire book of Arnold takes culture as collection of everything what is the best and perfect in the world.

Pursuit of Ideal Body Image

In the book, The Spread of the Cult of Thinness by Sharlene Hesse-Biber, the author uses the metaphor of a cult to illustrate how women worship their physical images.

Social Issues; Crime and Poverty in Camden

This has threatened the social security and peaceful coexistence of the people in the community. The larger the differences between the poor and the rich, the high are the chances of crime.

Public reaction towards propertiless citizens

Another issue that is considered when having the homeless people in the streets arrested is the fact that some of the people in the streets are not just homeless people but are gangsters masquerading as [...]

Are NGOs A Positive Factor in Development?

It is evident that non-governmental organizations are very essential when it comes to the concept of development due to the contributions they make in the society especially through charitable activities and practices.

Analysing a community development

Therefore, there is the need to ensure that the youth in Clunes community are assisted so that they engage in constructive activities that would support the economic development in the region and strengthen the peace [...]

Social Class and Stratification

The discussion in the chapter revolves around two main issues: the impact of social class on youth criminalization and the impact of globalization on social inequality.

The problem of modernity

The most significant factor that produces the dynamism of modernity according to Giddens is that humanity is disembedded from time and space.

Globalization and Internet

Globalization, on the other hand, is likely to contribute to the collapse of the social welfare groups. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the government to make sure that the only information available to its [...]