Tourism Destiantions Essay Examples and Topics

Destination attributes and motivations between first-time and repeat travellers in the international and interstate tourism: Melbourne

Introduction Tourism has undergone significant growth over the past few decades as illustrated by the emergence of various forms of tourism across the world. Examples of the new forms of tourism include sports and volunteer tourism. Both local and international tourists are becoming more interested in urban tourism, which comprises the aforementioned forms of emerging […]

Turisme de Barcelona

Executive Summary The tourism industry has flourished worldwide due to increase in tourist attraction centres. Among the top tourist destinations are cities like Las Vegas, London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona. In 2010 Barcelona managed to become one of Europe’s most important tourist destinations with millions of overnight stays and accommodations in hotels. Among other Spain […]

Tourist Destinations in the Mediterranean Region

Introduction The economic development of the Mediterranean region is strongly dependent on the inflow of tourist. In various countries such as Italy, Egypt, Spain, Turkey, or Greece, many people are employed in organizations that are directly or indirectly dependent on the flow on the degree to which a certain destination is attractive to travelers. At […]

How are Tourist Destinations in the Mediterranean Region Affected by the Power of Travel Agencies?

Aims and objectives The future study will be aimed at examining the influence of travel agencies on various tourist destinations in the Mediterranean region. It is vital to achieve several objectives. First of all, one should demonstrate how and why travel agencies choose to promote certain regions or countries. Secondly, much attention should be paid […]

Kenya Attractiveness for Tourism

Kenya forms part of the Eastern Africa countries. It borders Sudan to the northwest, Indian Ocean to the southeast, Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west and Ethiopia to the north. Kenya’s tourism is a valuable asset to the economy because it is the second largest source of foreign exchange earning. The touristic attractions […]

Rural tourism in Malta and Cyprus

Executive summary Rural tourism concentrates on taking part in rural surroundings and entails both eco-tourism and agro-tourism. Rural tourism is mostly fitting in developing countries where land for farming activities now lies in fragments because of escalations in population. For instance, Malta comprises of an archipelago established at the middle of the Mediterranean. With respect […]

Tourist in the Andalusian region

In Spain, the Andalusian region provides both local and international visitors with unrivalled tourist attractions. However, the awareness of these attractions depends on successful tourism marketing strategies. It is worth noting that tourism involves selling services. Therefore, a well-crafted services marketing plan is crucial to the long-term success of Andalusian Heritage tours. Market segmentation, positioning […]

Sustainability of Heritage Tourism in Australia

Introduction Globalization increases the opportunities for heritage tourism across the globe and this comes with increasing economic growth across the globe as a result of its influence on trade and investment and hence a rise in world GDP. According to Cooper, Dwyer, Edwards, Mistilis, Roman and Scott (2008, p. 1) heritage tourism has many other […]

Eco-tourism in Dubai

Introduction In the past decade, Dubai has grown to be not only a commercial hub, but also an excellent tourist destination (Anheier 2012, p. 94). A key sector driving Dubai’s flourishing tourism industry is the eco-tourism sector. Even though eco-tourism is a new industry in Dubai, the rapid tourism boom in the region threatens coastal […]

History of Mortimer’s Castle in UK

Background of the Mortimer’s Castle Mortimer’s Castle is one of the most important tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. William Fitz Osbern founded the Castle in 1067. The castle served as an administrative base for the Lords of the Mortimer who ruled the West Midlands and East Wales. The castle was a center of power […]

Jiangsu Province Tourism

Jiangsu Tourism Environmental Analysis Tourism in Jiangsu Province is one of the main economic activities that have experienced massive growth over the past few years. According to Zhang, the geographic location and topography of this province has made it very attractive both to the local and international tourists.1 Environmental analysis of tourism in this province […]

Decline of the British Seaside Resort Industry

Introduction According to Williams (2008, p. 10), a seaside resort, also referred to as a beach resort, is a hotel located along a coastline. Such geographical locations are major tourist attractions around the world. There are many seaside resorts around the world. Examples of such resorts are those found in the United Kingdom. They include, […]

PESTEL and Trend Analysis for the Hotel Industry in Spain

Hotel industry comprises one of the biggest areas of touristic business in Spain. PESTEL and trend analysis for the hotel industry in Spain reveals that though the severe financial crisis caused a temporary decline in this sector, hotel business quickly recovered from the crisis and is currently on the way to a new period of […]

Mount Everest Case

Introduction Mountaineering demands active engagement from participants as it involves activities such as rope-work, scrambling, travelling among glaciers, use of crampons and ice axes, acclimatization and navigation and thus all these experiences have triggered different emotional states during participation as these recreational adventures potentially experience flow, combining exhilaration and enjoyment. Peak exposure also triggers emotions […]

Tourism destination management and development

Introduction Tourism destination development and management is a key factor to the success of the tourism industry in any given region. Tourism is all about travel trade which is so complex and hence it needs to be managed and developed very carefully. All the stake holders must participate in managing places in terms of culture, […]

Visitor Management Plan for Greek Island

Introduction and Rationale The tourism industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries. The industry is growing fast courtesy of globalization and advanced technology among other factors. The Greek tourism is therefore part of the world’s larger tourism industry that is rapidly growing. The industry contributes a large portion to the Greek […]

Tourism Marketing Portfolio-Barcelona

Executive Summary This paper explores Barcelona as a host destination in tourism. The portfolio is divided into six parts. The introduction section gives a general overview of Barcelona as a host destination. It briefly introduces the subject as well as marketing communication tools. The introduction further introduces a methodology used in the portfolio by briefly […]

A report on tourisim destination marketing in Ballarat

Executive summary Ballarat is a region in Australia that has got a myriad of attractions ranging from the scenic views to the enchanting boutiques and galleries that it has. These features are tourist attractions to both the local and foreign tourists. Domestic visitors form the bulk of visitors who toured Ballart in the year 2009/2010. […]

Tourism Marketing Portfolio- Dubai

Executive summary This portfolio will be concentrating on the tourism marketing and communication tools used by Dubai at both national and international level. To be attractive and remain competitive in the international marketplace, the Dubai tourism board must develop and promote innovative tourist products. Therefore, it is essential that factors that influence both internal and […]

Destination marketing and destination management in Tourism

Introduction Tourism is an essential socioeconomic sector of all world economies. It earns the government foreign exchange, revenue and creates employment directly and indirectly for the citizenry (Ashley et al., 2007, p.8). Tourism encourages development of infrastructure, as well as social amenities in places with tourism potential within a country, region, continent, or village, which […]

The Assessment of Greenwich Town Centre: A Case of Visitor and Destination Management Plan

Executive Summary Tourism is defined as the activity of persons moving from one place to another, naturally beyond their usual place, for the purpose relaxation, business and other purposes. Thus, a tourist can be said to be the person who moves, stays and visits a place for the purpose of deriving pleasure. Tourism has become […]

Saudi Arabian Tourism

Introduction The tourism sector plays a significant role in the economic development of any country. Saudi Arabia is a unique tourism destination especially for the Muslim world. This is more so because the country holds the site of pilgrimage for the Muslims, unique Islamic attributes, as well as special traditions (SCTA 2012). In the recent […]

Maldives and Seychelles

Maldives The Maldives is an independent republic located in the south western part of the Asian continent near the Indian Ocean. It is made up of scattered islands that cover an area of 298km over the Indian Ocean. It was formed by volcanic eruptions that occurred million of years ago that left behind coral reefs. […]

Tourism Profile – Greece

The role and significance of major cities Greece is one of the most attractive European countries for tourists from all over the world because of the country’s status as the place where history and myths meet modernity. The capital city of Greece is Athens. Before the 2004 Olympic Games, the capital city attracted a lot […]

Field Trip of the Pewsey Downs

Introduction This is a field trip report about the Pewsey Downs. Pewsey Downs is a nature reserve of Marlborough in Wiltshire. The place provides an attractive view from three hills overlooking Pewsey Downs. The place has controlled agricultural systems to sustain the natural environment. Field Trip of the Pewsey Downs: Knap Hill, Adams Grave, Golden […]

Sustainable Tourism in Whistler Resort and Kangaroo Island

Introduction Tourism is the “sum of activities and relationships between various parties, which arises from the travel and stay of non-residents of a certain location to new locations, as long as the movement does not involve an earning activity or permanent residency.”1 Environmental degradation is one of the major factors that threaten the existence of […]

Dandegong Ranges in Victoria

Introduction Dandegong Ranges in Victoria is one of Australia’s breathtaking tourist destination sites. It is located an approximately 38km from Melbourne. The whole park occupies an area of 3400ha (Bennett, 2003, p. 179). It is a haven full of lush green towering forests coupled with gardens of fern glades and an outstanding variety of eclectic […]

Carrying capacity in relation to a tourist destination

The evaluation of carrying capacity is applied to demonstrate the impact of tourism on space and the envi­ronment. It shows a significant element of planning spatial growth in tourism. It is also one of the techniques used to establish standards for sustainable tourism. Essentially, carrying capacity of a destination is the maximum number of tourists […]

A trip to Venice

Introduction A myriad of people across the globe, yearn to visit Venice city in Italy due to a number of reasons. Venice is a small city that lies within 118 islands with 150 canals connected by over 400 bridges. It is located within the Venetian Lagoon in Italy. It has a moderate whether with humid […]

Travel to Venice

Executive Summary This report provides fully-detailed daily itineraries for two sets of couples who are planning to go for a one-week tour in Venice, Italy. The first set of couple, branded Couple A, is planning for a budget honeymoon tour which is based on romance and indulgence while the second set, Couple B, is focused […]

Luxury travels to Taiwan from China

The Changing Economic fortunes of mainland China has brought vast benefits to its people and the world in general. China has now become one of the major tourist source countries. Several companies are positioning themselves to take advantage of the surge in luxury travels by the Chinese. These include companies like Taimei group based in […]

Fort Walton Beach

Introduction Fort Walton Beach is located in Okaloosa County in the state of Florida having a population of approximately 19,992 as per the population census of 2005. This city attracts many tourists especially during summer and the spring break where thousands of tourists flock to the beach. In the light of the above it is […]

Dubai City: A top destination for tourists

Dubai is a land steeped in history, traditions and starling beauty; it is located at the coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is a small nation and a home to some of the most unbelievable wonders in the world. Dubai is among the fastest growing cities in the world; it is well known to travelers […]

Taiwan is a favorite tourist destination

As a favorite tourist destination, Taiwan was selected for the destination marketing strategy assessment (Dore & Crouch, 2003). The media and other promotional activities have played a major role in ensuring that Taiwan is marketed as a luxury destination for target audience. The marketing activities make use of different communication and promotion strategies. Several activities […]

An Assessment of Clean Up Australia advert ‘We Want You’

Introduction Clean up Australia is a non-governmental organization which is at the fore-front of environmental conservation. The organization uses community based events as its main tool in environmental conservation. The organization was founded by Ian Kiernan in 1989(Clean Up Australia, 2012). This was after he had witnessed the level of pollution in various oceans around […]

Hotels Go Green

Over the years, we have seen the development of the hotel industry worldwide on a scale that has never been witnessed before. This came about as a result of exponential growth in the tourism sector earning all countries that are favorite tourist destinations billions of dollars. The exponential growth in the tourism industry created the […]

Camperdown Memorial Rest Park

Founded in 1848, Camperdown Cemetery is an historical site strategically located in the inner suburbs of Sydney along the church street in Newton with a total of more than one thousand eight hundred burials having taken place. People who fought for independence of Australia are buried in this cemetery and it is one of the […]

Student trip to the Kenya national parks

Introduction to national parks and resorts in Kenya and worldwide Kenya has been noted as one of the most dominant and famous tourist destinations across the world. It is an original safari country that has attracted tourists from all corners of the world. The country is currently well endowed with wildlife reserves and national parks […]

Boat trip at Lake Leman

The skies were clear except for an occasional cloud which appeared and vanished just as quickly. I made my way towards the park as I feasted my eyes on the picturesque scenes that were in my line of view. I could make out the Chillon Castle and the Montreux Palace which is said to span […]

Trip in Taiwan

Taiwan Taiwan is one of the most natural and fascinating destinations in Far East. Taiwan is mainly a mountainous Island with one of the best natural scenic features in the world. Taipei, the capital, has one of the best scenery all over Asia. It is located in the West Pacific Ocean and has close links […]