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Super Vision Eye Care Managment Essay


Quality management is a desired virtue for all organizations because the achievement of high quality for its products and services can lead to organizational growth and expansion through increased market share. There are various tools at the disposal of the management of any organization for attaining of quality for manufactured products and services. Some of the tools include affinity diagram and the interrelationship diagram. The two are used to solve issues affecting various sections of the firm.

In addition to affinity diagrams, the firm can ensure that the manufactured products and services offered meet specific quality dimensions such as performance, features and reliability. For services, the responsiveness of the organization is vital for customer satisfaction. This study seeks to examine the quality management as applied in Super Vision eye care.

Super Vision Profile

Super vision is a multinational organization that provides quality eye care for the company clients. The organization was established in 1997 and runs different show rooms that are located in different areas in Dubai. Being one of the young growing organizations, the firm is trying its level best to provide high quality products and services to its clients. Using the latest available eye care technology, the company seeks to satisfy its clients’ needs fully in order to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Quality Dimensions of Manufactured Products

Every firm seeks to satisfy its customers in order to increase their loyalty. In order achieve quality in the products manufactured, the products must meet various dimensions as indicated below:

Performance: this dimensions postulates that the manufactured product must meet its intended purpose. Products are manufactured to meet specific consumer needs. Given different market segments, an organization can manufacture different products to meet different consumer needs in the segments.

The quality of manufactured products is measured by its ability to meet its intended purpose in the market segment. The products manufactured by Super Vision eye care are intended to meet the specific needs of the clients of the company. Given that, the company is an eye care its manufactured products meet the needs of the company’s clients (Dalgaard et al 129).

Features: the manufactured products of the company are intended to meet complex customer needs. This purpose can only be met if the product has diverse features that meet the specific customer needs. The drugs that Super Vision eye care manufactures are manufactured with diverse features that meet different eye needs for the clients of the company.

Reliability: this is an important dimension of the manufactured products. Consumer loyalty can only be increased by their ability to meet consumer needs. This is ability will create reliability since the consumers will depend on the products for satisfaction of their diverse needs. This will create consumer loyalty hence increased revenue of the company.

Quality Dimensions of Services

Tangible: services provided by firms usually consider the environment context they are offered. Physical surroundings and tangibles facilities necessitate the offering of services. Therefore, the tangible environment and facilities must be up to date for the effectiveness of the services (Goetsch and Stanley 211).

Reliability: just like the manufactured products, services offered by an organization should be reliable. The quality of the services can ensure client reliability hence customer loyalty. Super Vision eye care ensures the quality of the services offered to its serves to its clients hence customer loyalty.

Responsiveness: responsiveness indicates the willingness of an organization to help its clients in the provision of the services that meet their specific needs. Supervision has a fast response unit to its client needs that fall into its specific services.

Affinity Diagram

Affinity Diagram

An affinity diagram is a management tool that helps firms to arrive at strategic decision regarding issues affecting the organization. An affinity diagram is mainly used in groups and teams in helping enhance the work of the group members. It involves conducting brainstorming sessions in the group to extract creative ideas from the individual members of the group. According to Supervision, the creativity of the organization can steer innovation (1).

The generated ideas can be categorized into various groups that suit solution to different organizational issues. Similar to any other organization, Supervision can apply affinity diagrams in the solution of its issues. The above diagram can help the firm serve its customers with quality products and services through established controls, commitment of both the management and the customers and the employee training.

Interrelationship diagram

This tool helps organizations and teams in an organization to establish the cause and effect relationship among critical issues affecting the firm. The diagram helps the individual team members assess the various issues serving as drivers for the given trend and the issues that result from given processes (Juran 22). The diagram is used mainly in enhancing understanding the relationships that exist among the issues. Through the tool, solutions to deep-rooted problems can be identified in all situations including situations with inadequate data.

Getting group participation Level of teamwork and encouragement of teamwork

Product and process issues

The issues affecting the products of the company and the procedures include use of advanced technology and teamwork respectively. The organization has insufficient working groups that can deliver high quality services to the organization. The employees are highly skilled. However, there is the importance of working in a team.

Through teamwork, employees can learn new ways of doing things in the organization. They may also learn the ability to sort out their issues in the organization without the management. Lastly, brainstorming sessions in the groups can help enhance creativity and innovation in the organization (Tang et al 105).

Product quality issues regard the sale of products manufactured using outdated technology. Due to technological issues, the company needs to import new machines from Western countries that can deliver high products. The employees are competent enough to offer high quality services. It is only good that the good services be accompanied by high quality spectacles and other products offered by the company (Hall 79).

Issues to be sorted Out First

From the above analysis, it is evident that the organization suffered from quality issues affecting the services and products offered. The first issues to be sorted out are the issue of Teamwork. The organization needs to enhance the culture of teamwork because it is the only way that the firm can enhance its productiveness, growth and expansion.

Since the company seeks to grow and venture into other markets, teamwork is one of the tools that can enhance this. It is easier to fix the issue of teamwork in the firm. This can be done through training session on benefits of teamwork and supervision by the management (Longenecker et al 175).

The issue of advanced technology tools requires large capital investments and the company needs to prepare for such projects by either using its own equity or seeking external funding form investors. This long-term venture can take several years and should be undertaken after establishing teamwork in the firm.

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