The Case for Professional Boards

In the given report, the issue concerning the recent insolvency problem which gripped the global business world in 2008 is being discussed. According to Pozen, the root of all evil in the give case was a cadence of unreasonable decisions undertaken by Enron. After the Sarbanes-Oxley Act had been passed, solid improvements were anticipated. However, […]

Time to Fly: Predicting Director Exit at Large Firms

Introduction The article titled, “Time to Fly: Predicting Director Exit at Large Firms” by Boivie, Graffin and Pollock (2012) presents a unique perspective to the issue of board operations. The writers sought to investigate the factors that influence the decision by directors to quit or to remain on the board of large firms. This paper […]

Catatech Industries: The Question of Electronic Commerce

Catatech Industries focuses on providing electric measuring tools to both local and international market. Jose Fernandez founded Catatech in 1911 based on meeting their set targets or numbers. Markedly, the company’s key objective was to maximize on returns to realize high profit on sales irrespective of the management style within the firm. Since the company’s […]

Corporate Governance Characteristics and Firm Performance

The process of good management in an organization is called corporate governance. Corporate governance is the live wire of an organization (Acemoglu 1995). With the growing pressure on a firm’s competence, the director’s quest for the right approach to governance involves transparency, organizational culture and an effective governance scheme. To balance investment strategies, with the […]

Corporate Board Independence

Introduction Within the academic, government policy, and the popular press circles, the issue of corporate governance has gradually become an issue of rising importance. There is a wide range of reasons that have been offered to explain the heightened attention towards corporate governance. One of the main reasons expressed towards this end is the financial […]