Alexander Hamilton

What is the most significant part of Hamilton’s argument in Federalist 70? Why does Hamilton argue in favour of a single executive? Are the comparisons Hamilton makes to the Roman warranted? Alexander Hamilton is considered as the founder of principles that govern Federal Governments in the United States of America and thus the true architect […]

Public Administration

Introduction In the late 1960s, people revealed their dissatisfaction with the government and the US policies. There was certain distrust as people did not believe in the government efficiency. Public administration theorists came up with ideas on increasing efficiency of the government. It is possible to note that the most remarkable theorists of that period […]

The Road to PPB: The Stages of Budgetary Reform

In his article “The Road to PPB: The Stages of Budgetary Reform” (1966), Allen Schick focuses on the aspects of the effective budgetary reform which could provide the significant positive changes in relation to national budgeting and the role of government in the process. However, instead of discussing the innovative approaches to budgeting, Schick pays […]

Managing the 21st Century Technology-Intensive Organization

Introduction Organizations operating in the 21st century face multiple challenges since they have to remain at par with technology for them to remain competitive. For technology-intensive organizations such as those operating in the electronic hardware and software industries, the challenges is even amplified since they have to pay incredible attention to innovation and creativity in […]

Period of change for the US public administration

Introduction The period between 1960s and 1970s was a period of change for the US public administration theory and government. It is necessary to note that this period was characterized by Americans dissatisfaction with the government. The war in Vietnam and a number of scandals involving politics made people distrustful and dissatisfied (Cox et al., […]

Public administration: theories

Introduction The field of public administration has constantly evolved. In the middle of the twentieth century, sociologists and theorists of public administration focused on imperfections of the government. They also looked into the role of individuals within the system. Some of the most influential theorists of that period were Robert K. Merton, V.O. Key, Jr., […]