Managing HR in a Global Environment

Globalization is responsible for the increase in the number of international job opportunities. In the last half of the twentieth century, developments in technology and in transportation and communication systems have catalyzed a process of transfer of manpower across borders. This process started in the colonial era, but its significance grew with technological advancement. China […]

Failure of Internationalization Strategy in BestBuy in China

Introduction Best Buy was founded by Richard Schulze in 1969. The company was first established as a car audio and a single room store and later developed into an international retailer of electronics, entertainment products and home office products. In 2001, Best Buy Company was considered as the best company that supplied electronics in the […]

Cultural Hybridization

Introduction Culture involves the beliefs, language, and social habits that define a group. According to Chen (2010), culture influences the way people communicate, and perceive each other. Cross-cultural communication entails the exchange of ideas between people of different origin (Zhang & Xu, 2007). Jandt (2001) noted that cross-cultural communication plays a very critical role in […]

Domestic Consumption Model in China

Introduction In the recent years, China has undergone a series of crises and radical changes that characterise its evolution. Consequently, the country has initiated a clear objective to rebalance its economy through promoting domestic consumption. The traditional Chinese society developed under both the imperial and Confucian values and it was later reshaped by the impacts […]

Taobao Business Concept

The business concept of Taobao is to provide a B2C (business to consumer) and C2C (consumer to consumer) website where small businesses and individuals can carry out transactions securely. The business model of Taobao is to initially provide its services for free to encourage user participation, and then to gradually monetize the service by charging […]

Effects of Apple’s Marketing Strategy on Customers’ Behaviour in Chinese Market

Introduction In a retrospect, Apple, Inc. is one of those companies that were destined to become the world leaders. Launched into the global market with its innovative concept of Apple III, a personal computer that turned out to be quite competitive in the environment dominated by IBM and Microsoft, the organisation has been increasingly successful […]

KFC vs. McDonald’s

The factors that contribute to McDonald’s success in U. S. and other international markets McDonald’s massive advertisement campaigns are a well known happening. Banners with their brand name are present in every big city of the world, their logos are all over the biggest sport events such and World Championships and the Olympics because McDonald’s […]

Social Media Strategy – eTourism

The notions and principles of eTourism and e-commerce become closely connected while referring to the use of social media platforms for different marketing projects. The effectively developed social media strategy provides the framework for completing the project’s goals with the help of social media platforms. The social media strategy report on virtual tourism includes the […]

Chinese Manga

Abstract Within the past few years Chinese manhua within China has been losing relevance within the country of its origin wherein more Chinese citizens apparently prefer manga to manhua. This shift towards manga and manhua has yet to be fully understood and, as such, will be explored within paper. By delving into the historical aspects […]

Chinese Concubines

Introduction For many years, men in different societies have been known to have secret affairs outside their marriages. Although there has never been concrete evidence about the reason this trend has continued over the years, a number of scholars attribute such behavior to the men’s eagerness to conquer and control women. The women who are […]

Best Buy

A short history of Best Buy ‘Best Buy’ is an American company started by Richard Schulz and James Wheeler. The company was initially called ‘Sound of Music’ and dealt with stereos. By 1980, the company realized that selling audio parts/products was not a profitable business and as such started trading video products as well. The […]