The Chinese Qing Dynasty

Introduction The Qing Dynasty lasted between 1644 and 1912. Before the beginning of the Dynasty, there was the Ming Dynasty that had governed the country for years. The end of the Qing Dynasty was a result of an abortive restoration resulting to the development of the Republic of China. The most astonishing thing is that […]

Chinese Tourism in Victoria

Executive Summary This field study is about tourism in Victoria. It focuses on the experiences, challenges and issues that require improving to enhance the visitors’ satisfaction. A qualitative research was carried out on three focus groups that included tourism agencies, Chinese immigrants and students. The researcher used interviews to collect data. The study revealed that […]

“The Role of Native Language Phonology in the Production of L2 Contrasts” by Eckman and Iverson

In their article, Eckman and Iverson (2013) present the research conducted to confirm or deny particular hypotheses regarding the acquisition of the contrast between English [s] and [ʃ] among native speaking Koreans and Japanese. The authors provide adequate literature research and explain the background, clearly identify the topic and hypotheses, describe the study itself and […]

The Chinese Expulsion Act: The US Political Transformation

The history of the United States gives many examples showing that people representing various ethnic or racial groups could be treated in different ways by the government of the country. This paper is aimed at discussing the Chinese Exclusion Act adopted in 1882. It is possible to say that this legal act was signed for […]

Principles Google followed in developing There was a need for increased market share in the society; therefore, Google change its website to in an attempt to suite the demands for Chinese. Initially, Google entered the Chinese market as that was maintained in Chinese language. The website was based in United States; as […]

Internet Purchasing Portal to Facilitate Better Online Electronic Commerce Transactions in China

While China’s rapidly growing economy has facilitated wholesale purchases using credit cards via B2B transactions and platforms, a majority of the population still has limited access to credit cards that can facilitate international and, in some cases, domestic purchases (Xinsheng and Qi 33). This is in part due to the restrictions placed by the Chinese […]