Protagonists of The Armies of the Night by Mailer and Tripmaster Monkey by Kingston

Mailer as the main protagonist of The Armies of the Night by Norman Mailer and Wittman Ah Sing as the main protagonist of Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book by Maxine Hong Kingston represent the ambiguous rebels expressing their anti-war sentiments. The working title for this paper is “The Anti-War Revolt in Mailer and Whittman Ah […]

In the World of Mirrors: Looking for the Author’s Image

The Scent of Garlic: China Postmodernism and Mo Yan In spite of the fact that postmodernism in China, like every influence coming from the West turns into something completely inimitable and unique, the art of Chinese authors can be still understood by the European dwellers. Among the issues which modern Chinese writers touch upon the […]

American Born Chinese

The graphic novel American Born Chinese was published by Gene Luen Yang in 2006, and quickly won the author and the colorist who took part in its creation fame. The reason for extreme popularity of the book seems to be in the topics explored by the American Chinese person who gets a deeper insight into […]

Feng Shui: Does it work in modern times?

Fung Shui originates from the ancient China and is a philosophy of a harmonious coexistence of humans and the Mother Nature. Feng is the Chinese word for wind while Shui is the Chinese word for water (Montenegro). The Chinese believe that these two components of nature are instrumental in the establishment of good health (Montenegro). […]