The Company’s Organizational Structure and the Integration that It Fits ArcelorMattal is a renowned steel producing corporation that started its operation in 2006. The corporation’s evolution was through a takeover and strategic merger between Arcelor and Mittal steel companies. The company has recorded a tremendous growth since its inception. Its growth and exemplary performance are […]

The Case for Professional Boards

In the given report, the issue concerning the recent insolvency problem which gripped the global business world in 2008 is being discussed. According to Pozen, the root of all evil in the give case was a cadence of unreasonable decisions undertaken by Enron. After the Sarbanes-Oxley Act had been passed, solid improvements were anticipated. However, […]

The Corporation

“The Corporation” is an award winning Canadian documentary that explores the structures and autonomies of modern-day corporations. The film is the brainchild of Canadian law professor Joel Bakan. When the film was being produced, Bakan accompanied it with a book named “The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power”. “The Corporation” elicited mixed reactions […]

Corporate Governance

The adoption of corporate governance ensures that investors are protected in an organization. Corporate governance provides guidelines in which business objectives are realized through ethical and lawful means. For this reason, investors’ protection needs are stipulated, which increases an organization stakeholders’ confidence and benefits in the long term. Based on the recent global financial crisis […]

Chandler’s Model of Integrated Managerial Enterprise

Introduction In the 18th century, most of the US companies operated as small enterprises that were directly operated by the owners. However, this trend changed after increased industrialization led to introduction of new technologies for production and transportation (Rodriguez 2009, pp. 284-298). Additionally, the demand for goods and services increased as businesses discovered new overseas […]

Time to Fly: Predicting Director Exit at Large Firms

Introduction The article titled, “Time to Fly: Predicting Director Exit at Large Firms” by Boivie, Graffin and Pollock (2012) presents a unique perspective to the issue of board operations. The writers sought to investigate the factors that influence the decision by directors to quit or to remain on the board of large firms. This paper […]