Service Corporation International

History, Development and Growth of the company Service Corporation International began its operations in 1962. Robert L. Waltrip formed the corporation. At first, it began its operation in Houston (USA). It was set up to offer funeral services, crematoria and cemetery facilities. Service Corporation International has expanded from Houston to North America. It offers funeral […]

Co-operative Advertising

Co-operative advertising is one of the advertising tools that have received much recognition from many industries in the contemporary society. It involves the sharing of the advertisement costs among different parties. There are two main types of cooperative advertising (Trehan, and Trehan 15): Vertical cooperative advertising: just as the name suggests, different channel members share […]

Global Marketing: Disney Theme Parks

Introduction Marketing can simply be defined as business activities aimed at ensuring smooth flow of goods and services from one destination to another (Kotler & Armstrong, 2001, p. 4). In order for any business to carry out marketing functions successfully they have to adopt the following marketing concepts: consumer orientation, integrated marketing, consumer satisfaction. To […]

The Problem of Expatriate Management in Multinationals – Adaptation to Foreign Culture

Summary This is a project which seeks to investigate the problem of adaptation to a foreign culture by expatriates in subsidiary firms. It is a full project research, and thus it has all components that should be contained in a research paper. It is divided into four main parts which are the introduction, literature review, […]

Compliance Issues Associated with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977

Introducing Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 creates substantial grounds for companies and corporations to take preventive measures for avoiding bribery and controlling compliance mechanisms. However, as practice shows, the awareness of the existing federal law does not always prevent third parties and company’s staff from violating the provision. Therefore, it is essential for the […]

Agilent Technologies Company Activities

Introduction of the organization Agilent Technologies is among the pioneer companies that offer a wide range of measurement solutions to engineers, service providers, researchers and scientists. Scientists use the company’s products to test the safety of foodstuffs. Investigators use them in their inspection of crime-scene evidence. Researchers us them to study various diseases and come […]

A Complete Assessment of the Company SKK, Cambodia

Introduction SKK is a multinational company known for its influence in the land development and real estate industry. This essay seeks to provide a complete assessment of the Cambodian company. For this purpose, the discussion shall focus on the various elements that define the company and the business environment that it operates in, pointing out […]

Ethical Issues in Business

Introduction Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be described as a practice whereby business entities regulate themselves by ensuring that they adhere to the established laws, ethical standards and international norms (Feltus, Petit, & Dubois, 2009). There have been rising concerns over the ethical and social responsibilities of contemporary firms. CSR is aimed at encouraging firms […]

Differences in Organizational Structure Available to Companies and Corporations

Introduction Companies are diversely affected by the cultural setting of a people. There is also global influence in the operations and productions of both domestic companies and multinational companies. As pertaining to cultural and global influence, we shall discuss the differences in the organizational structures available to a U.S domestic company, a Japanese domestic company […]

International Assets Holding Corporation

Introduction International Assets Holding Company is one of the young firms, which are developing in an astonishing manner. Despite having commenced its operations less than three decades ago, its performance is overwhelming and worth recognition. The steady annual revenue turnover exemplifies its intrinsic potential. This report strives to unravel the secret behinds International Assets Holding […]

Cisco Global Business Strategy

Introduction The current competitive business world has presented many opportunities and challenges to different companies. This is as far as globalization is concerned. Different companies have been enhancing their operations to reach a wide market through globalization. The main aim of this report is to asses Cisco Systems Inc in relation to its strategic positioning […]

Implementation of a Change Programme in a Multinational Company

The global business environment is constantly developing and making organisations adapt to these processes while managing change. In this context, the organisational change is a process of changing the company’s direction in the work, strategies, and behaviours in order to address new goals corresponding with the progress of the business environment (Cameron & Green 2015). […]

How Political Risks Arise in International Business

Introduction Organisations that are involved in international businesses encounter myriads of risks in their process of exploiting global markets. While establishing businesses in new markets, especially the emerging ones, the challenge of rejection of organisational cultures and policies, economic, and political risk emerges as a significant threat. In 1959, the government of Fidel Castro took […]

Difficulties Generated by English language in Multinational Companies

Abstract On company policies concerning the adoption of official languages for multinational corporations, the management teams need to make decisions after consideration of several factors depending on the situation of the firm and the environment in which it chooses to venture into as part of its market expansion strategy. Ultimately, the decisions revolve around the […]