Fundamental principles of corporate finance

Introduction In corporate and business finance, there are three fundamental principles that have been studied and utilized over years. The principles take into account the capital flows intended to offer support to various business ventures. In fact, from global corporations to the small and medium sized enterprises, it is apparent that each commercial venture ought […]

Entrepreneurial Finance – International Business

Introduction Background to the study Investment plays a significant role in the economic growth of a particular country. This is due to the fact that it stimulates innovation and enhances competition. Amongst the areas that governments should focus in their quest to stimulate economic growth includes the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). One of the […]

Issues that Entrepreneurs Face in Raising Finance

Introduction Entrepreneurs are key innovators in creative destruction in the entire world. Even though they play essential roles in growing the economy, the process of acquiring sufficient access to capital to start and grow businesses remains their biggest challenge (Legge & Hindle 2004). In the U.K., for instance, the ability of small and medium-sized enterprises […]

Types of Bankruptcy

Introduction Bankruptcy refers to a federal court process in which repayment arrangements are made to allow an insolvent debtor to clear the outstanding debts. Bankruptcy is often declared when a company or an individual is so deep into debt that starting afresh is the only reasonable option. This paper compares and contrasts the five types […]

Corporate Governance and Country Governance

The four common elements of corporate governance and country governance are “fairness, accountability, transparency and responsibility” (Boyd and Stephen 5; Fernando 45). Fairness refers to equitable treatment and protection against misappropriation of assets. Accountability refers to effective monitoring of the board and accountability of the board to the company and shareholders. Transparency refers to the […]

Sustainable Development: the Banking Sector

Many financial institutions have realized the importance of sustainable development. Several banks are currently involved in approaches, which help other business firms understand the importance of sustainable business practices. Banking institutions need to review their lending policies to ensure borrowers use credit obtained in a sustainable manner. Financial regulators need to establish strong codes of […]