Emotional Intelligence

Introduction: Interest in EI Emotional intelligence (EI) has been discussed for two decades so far. Stough et al. (2009) note that the interest in EI has increased recently and the concept of EI has been applied to a variety of fields including workplace, psychiatry, neuroscience, education, health, cross-culture and sport. For instance, Cassady and Boseck […]

What is Strategy by Michael Porter

Michael porter has outlined strategy in a broad way. His work is based on research into various companies and industries. In his discussion, he has managed to put together a variety of ideas that have helped him come up with tangible definitions of strategy and management issues. This essay defines strategy according to Porter and […]

Strategic Positioning and Operational Positioning

Introduction Strategic positioning can be defined as the personality of a company or an organization. It is influenced by several factors including the history of the organization. Other factors include personal preferences of the management, organizational culture, staff competency and skills, physical capital such as equipment and machinery. Operational positioning acts as a promotional and […]

NELP Report: Impact of Shared-Reading Interventions on Young Children’s Literacy Skills

The report under analysis examines the impact of shared-reading practices on children’s literacy skills, including oral language skills, print knowledge, and other aspects. The given report focuses on quantitative measures rather than on qualitative to measure the extent to which the interventions influences toddlers in the course of their intellectual development. The writers provide a […]


Introduction Paweł Zieliński’s report is titled ‘Bilingualism’ and is a brief analysis of bilinguals and who they are. It also helps readers to distinguish a person who is a bilingual from one who is not. According to the Encarta Dictionary (2011), a bilingual refers to a person “able to speak two languages easily and naturally.” […]

Terrorism: Searching for a Definition

Today, more than ever before, nations around the world are expending huge financial and material resources to curtail acts of terrorism and to bring terrorists to account as was demonstrated by the recent killing of Osama bin Laden, the leader of the Al Qaeda terrorist network. Despite the constant fear of terrorism, however, there exists […]