“How Large U.S. Companies Can Use Twitter and Other Social Media to Gain Business Value” by Culnan, McHugh, Zubillaga

The targeted article discusses how companies can use different social media applications to achieve their potentials. According to the authors, firms can use social sites such as Facebook and Twitter to collaborate with their customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and business partners. Social networks can make it easier for businesses to interact with their stakeholders (Singh, 2009). […]

Social Media and Social Relations

Introduction This paper is aimed at discussing the ways in which social media are contributing to changing social relations. This issue can be illustrated by examining profound transformations that were brought by new technologies, especially Web 2.0. For instance, it is necessary to mention that currently people representing different social classes, religious groups, or cultures […]

MySpace Overview

Introduction The social media has experienced a massive growth in the recent past. According to Ryan (2011, p. 78), when it started out through social sites like MySpace, many people dismissed it as a platform for gossips that had no serious future in the world of communication. However, this is no longer the case. The […]

TAC System

Increasing capture rate Every guest’s voice is significant to a spa’s achievement. Every guest leaves with an account they will share with others either by word of mouth, or via the internet. In case the spa is a disappointment and does not meet the clients’ expectations or requirements, the story will be one of disaster, […]

Social Media

Social media platforms over the internet have potentially profound effects on the creation of social identity of modern generation. Identity refers to a socially constructed attribute of self-concept as it is represented to the outside world. The formation or construction of identity is a unique practice in everybody’s life, since it is one of the […]

The Future of Social Media

Social media has changed the manner in which individuals interact with each other. Prior to the 21st century, the most common means through which people would communicate to each other was through sending of letters. Telephones were also the preferred means through which people would communicate instantly over a long distance. Consequently, people used to […]

Social Media

Introduction Advancement in technology has provided an opportunity for the development of new forms of technologies. Social media, which has become a reality through the employment of technology, is a term used to refer to various internet networks that allow people to interact, as well as share ideas and opinions in different remote locations. Examples […]

Education Society and the Curriculum

Beveridge’s Five Giant Social Evils According to Beveridge Report, also known as the Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee on Social Insurance and Allied Services of 1942, there were five giant social evils that were affecting the British society and which needed to be addressed urgently. This report identified these giant social evils as squalor, ignorance, […]

Marketing Management: Rivanna Natural Design

Introduction Rivanna Natural Design, Inc. manufactures a range of products that include plaques, gifts, gifts, recycled products, FSC-certified products, GSA products, and custom products. It is a benefit company that does not only focus on profits, but it also concentrates on improving its surrounding environment through adopting sustainable practices and improving the lives of its […]

Social Network: Сonsequences

Introduction Social network sites (SNSs) have drawn millions of users, many of whom have tailored them to their everyday needs. SNSs include Facebook, Bebo, 43 Things, BlackPlanet, and Athlinks, among others. Social network sites have made communication easy throughout the globe. In fact, they have spurred globalization across the world. In the process, SNSs have […]

Exploitation of Innovation Within an Organization

Introduction The vibrant and complex environment requires the organizations to foster capability of creating and transferring new knowledge and practice. An organization’s capability to possess definite skills determines the successful realization of a particular innovation. The built up technological knowledge of an organization can be compelled to test novel ideas (Pennings&Harianto, 1992). Organizations use innovative […]

Usage of Blogging for Boys’ Motivation

Introduction Blogging is a form of interactive communication which entails posting informative content about specific topics on the World Wide Web. This evolving technology is one of the most popular forms of social media used in the modern society. Online communication through blogging enables people to interact with each other in a simple way, thus […]