Education Society and the Curriculum

Beveridge’s Five Giant Social Evils According to Beveridge Report, also known as the Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee on Social Insurance and Allied Services of 1942, there were five giant social evils that were affecting the British society and which needed to be addressed urgently. This report identified these giant social evils as squalor, ignorance, […]

Proficiency In Learning Second Language

Learning a novel language during any age remains an enormously rewarding experience in numerous ways. Whilst language learning is an inspiring experience for all individuals, children are the greatest beneficiaries of this magnificent adventure. Feasibly, starting early provides the broadest possible set of opportunities and gains. How well individuals learn to speak a second language […]

The Use of L1 in English Classes in Saudi Arabia: Teachers’ Support or a Learning Hindrance?

Abstract The usage of the first language in the English classes is the controversial question in education. The effectiveness of using Arabic in the English classroom with references to the participants’ attitudes to the process is the focus of the research. Thus, the paper aims to present the evidence in relation to students and teachers’ […]

The Impact of English as a Tool of Global Communication

Introduction For several decades already English has been used for international communication. It allows the representatives from different countries to communicate easily without knowing their native languages. Thus, it is used for formal interactions and non-formal ones. This language is taught in numerous countries so that today more people speak English as a second or […]

Students’ Abilities and Perceptions Towards the Use of WebQuests

A-Mahrooqi and Troudi (2014) believe that “language learning is a challenging and complex endeavor” (p. 1). This situation explains why students should invest a lot of effort, resources, and time in order to achieve the desired skills in a foreign language (A-Mahrooqi & Troudi 2014). The process of teaching foreign languages has for decades been […]