Public Sector Financial Management

Introduction The quality of service delivery in any public service institution is determined by the effectiveness of its internal structures. One of the structures used in the monitoring and evaluation of public accounts is the audit procedure. The main role of an audit procedure is to assess, evaluate and monitor the systems in a public […]

Internet Filtering

Many people fear the idea of filtering for the fact that it can be used to withhold vital information necessary for gauging the accountability of governments. However, that is not the case, since filtering the internet helps in harboring criminal activities. This is because security is important to everyone and every government has the responsibility […]

The Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Any activity such as study, policy or project with the hope of success must involve participants at all stages. In a project, participants ought to be involved in needs assessment, project identification, planning, monitoring and evaluation. When making policies, the subjects to the policy should be involved right from policy planning and formulation, up to […]

Impact of Politics Science on Both MBA Students and Program Provider Value

Introduction Business administrators are currently facing numerous challenges in their efforts to manage business operations. Most of these challenges emanate from the ever-changing government policies, changes in values and interests of various business stakeholders, globalisation, and secularisation. As organisations continue to open branches in foreign countries, they have to hire administrators with skills in addressing […]

The Implementation of Public Policy

Introduction The process of implementing and evaluating public policies is best understood by considering the process of making public policies as an operation that has several sub-processes merged together (Ridde 2009, p.939). A policy is a combination of aims and specified activities that can help end a certain problem once implemented (Lyhne 2011, p.321). Alternatively, […]