Introduction Confucianism is generally regarded as the foundation of the present Chinese culture1. To a great extent, it is associated with the way most Chinese national behave in different situations. Apparently, it a way of life that based on principles created by Confucius centered on the values held by three Chinese families namely Xia, Shang, […]

Global Business Cultural Analysis Taiwan

Major elements and cultural dimensions in Taiwan Elements of culture According to Huang and Mutjaba (2009), culture influences one’s behavior, and thus it is an essential aspect in the global workplace. Cultural awareness influences the success of firms in the international market; hence, it is imperative for the firms’ management teams to be conscious of […]


Confucianism is a tradition that is practiced in ancient China and was founded by Confucius. Him and his disciples were able to spread the culture that has become the center of the East Asia region. Cultural values and traditions in China borrow a lot from Confucianism (Deuchler 1995, 302-390). Confucianism forms the most of the […]

How do religion, culture and ethnicity affect the success or failure of a global enterprise in China?

There are many factors that would tend to have a significant impact to the success or failure of global enterprises or businesses operating in international scenes. As a matter of fact, these factors are highly regarded in every segment of the modern business world, considering their significant impact on businesses. These factors would tend to […]

Influence of Television on Contemporary Chinese Culture

Introduction Technological improvement has brought different methods of information dispensing in the world. One of the most notable information dispensers is television sets. With the increase in media freedom, the media has brought a number of issues which have impacted on the life of people. China is the second world largest economy with an increasing […]

The Chinese Qing Dynasty

Introduction The Qing Dynasty lasted between 1644 and 1912. Before the beginning of the Dynasty, there was the Ming Dynasty that had governed the country for years. The end of the Qing Dynasty was a result of an abortive restoration resulting to the development of the Republic of China. The most astonishing thing is that […]