Effect of Stress on Relations and Marriage

Marriages and relationships disclose within wider environmental frameworks that at times analyze how the relationship is durable. When marital and relationship framework comprises of plentiful stressful life happenings inclusive of work stress or financial difficulties, marriages often encounter an occurrence referred to as stress spillover. Therefore, this paper had the aim of discussing the effects […]

Psychological Contract

A psychological contract refers to beliefs, expectations, values, and ideals shared between an employer and his or her employees (Dyck & Rule 2008). The contract, which exists in notional form, delineates the practicalities of the job including the duties and responsibilities of the job, worker-manager relationships, and the expectations of both the employer and employee […]

Intimacy, Love and Friendship and how they translate to employability

Introduction Skills such as problem solving and handling of crises are vital for a person working for any organization. This is because problems and crises in life are bound to occur in the course of one’s duty. Problem solving and crises handling skills are developed as one encounters different situations in their private lives that […]

Elements of interpersonal relationships

It should be understood that interpersonal relationships have been the basis upon which people relate. This means that the success of any interaction and relations that people might have depends on interpersonal relationships. There are certain aspects that make people to be attracted to others which enable them to establish rapport. In fact, it can […]

Friendship’s meaning around the world

Introduction Globally it’s very ludicrous today for people to claim that they are in a friendship yet they don’t even know the true meaning of friendship. It’s important to note that friendship is not only considered to revolve around close proximity, but also involve strong commitment, attachment, reliability, belief and trust among many more social […]