Building Quality Organizations: Saudi Arabian Airlines

Introduction The business world is becoming competitive and managers are looking for ways to enhance the effectiveness of their operations. One way that is emerging as a favorite method with many business managers is the review of organizational structure to determine the effectiveness of the structure (Murphy & Willmott 2010, p. 34). Some structures are […]

An Evaluation of Care policy of Disabled Children in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Introduction Recently, there have been varied views about whether programs of child care disability policies have been successful. Critics of policy implementation in Saudi Arabia have raised claims of lack of proper implementation of policies geared towards addressing disability in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Morton et al 2002, pp 85-90) and (Shawky, Abalkhail and Soliman 2002, […]

Evaluating Budget Documents

The concept of budgeting has prevailed in the human domain for centuries. There are various budgeting approaches which are globally acceptable and which have various levels of efficiencies. The core budgeting approaches or formats include; line item budgeting, PPBS budgeting, program budgeting, zero-based budgeting, performance based budgeting, priority based budgeting, program assessment rating tool and […]

Women and Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia

Reports on Saudi Arabia entrepreneurship suggest that women get high level support. In fact, the Kingdom has been leading in the Arab region in terms of regulatory reforms related to this field. This progression is a good indicator for the entire kingdom given that women can make significant contributions to the economy. The provision for […]

Start-up Businesses in Saudi Arabia: Challenges of finding finance

Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia Information on business venturing suggests that Saudi Arabia is increasingly becoming involved in this kind of business approach (National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce, 2010, p. 1). For the last few years, very many businesses have been established in the Arab region, but the rate of failure has always been proportional to […]

Women and Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia:”Can Women Entrepreneurial Micro Businesses Grow in Saudi Arabia”

Characteristics of an entrepreneur There are certain attributes associated with entrepreneurs though with conflicting arguments. The first attribute of entrepreneurs is that they derive motivation from the need of achievement. Entrepreneurs desire to start something new that has been inexistent. The second characteristic of entrepreneurs is that they are tough, pragmatic, and unwilling to submit […]