Asian Studies. “Monkey: A Folk Novel of China” by Wu Cheng

Wu Cheng’en’s best known novel Journey to the West, which is also translated as Monkey: A Folk Novel of China, provides an account on the pilgrimage of the Buddhist monk, along with his disciples, to save the sutra on transcendence and good will and rescue China from moral digression. Aside from sophisticated account of the […]

American Born Chinese

The graphic novel American Born Chinese was published by Gene Luen Yang in 2006, and quickly won the author and the colorist who took part in its creation fame. The reason for extreme popularity of the book seems to be in the topics explored by the American Chinese person who gets a deeper insight into […]

Yang’s American Born Chinese

The introduction: the fundamentals of a graphic novel American Born Chinese is considered to be famous graphic novel written by an American comic artist Gene Luen Yang. The novel includes three different parts. The main character of the first part is the Monkey King. Another part discloses the life of the main character Jin Wang. […]