Strategic Human Resource Development Plan

Introduction Objective of the Report The aim of this report is to present strategic human resource development plan about a lack of understanding of performance management in the franchise, and create a SHRD plan in an attempt to eliminate issues identified. Research Methodology The report relied on existing data from the company reports and assessment […]

Organizational Behavior Article

The article under analyzes is called The Social Scientific Study of Leadership: Quo Vadis? and is dedicated to the analysis of relationships between leaders and organizational culture (House 409). Due to the fact that most research studies are associated with Western industrialized culture, specific attention is made to the analysis of leadership paradigms, including trait, […]

The Individual and Leadership

Introduction In organizations, effective leadership is important in ensuring that achievement of objectives is realized. Leadership facilitates the attainment of a explicit goal or objective. The goal is common among all the people. To be an effective leader, it is imperative that all objectives are clear and every member understands his or her role. Various […]

Leadership in the United Arab Emirates

Introduction The United Arab Emirates (UAE) prides in a fast growing economy that is quickly spreading into different sectors; for instance, manufacturing, construction, tourism, and financial sectors like banks. Vital organisational results like job satisfaction, organisational citizenship conduct, turnover intentions, and organisational commitment associate closely with leadership styles. The aforementioned outcomes are decidedly evident across […]

McDonald’s Ethical and Moral Dilemma

Introduction Throughout this course, the concept of ethical dilemmas and morality has been a key issue. Ciulla (2003) has highlighted numerous instances in which a number of organization (both private and nongovernmental) have found themselves caught between a ‘hard place and a rock’ in their decision making processes. It is important therefore to ensure that […]