Pragmatics in Political News

Introduction Media is one of the most powerful political tool that has been used by various political groupings to pass distorted information to the unsuspecting audience. According to Locher and Graham (2010), media has the role of educating, informing, and entertaining the public. This scholar notes that media has done well on its role of […]

First Secondary Learners’ Linguistics Needs

Possible Title Since there are various linguistic needs that students require to satisfy especially at early academic lives, the envisioned research could be based on a title that focuses on analyzing linguistic need of first secondary learners in general English Syllabus. However, it is evident that such different academic personnel such as teachers, head of […]

Proficiency In Learning Second Language

Learning a novel language during any age remains an enormously rewarding experience in numerous ways. Whilst language learning is an inspiring experience for all individuals, children are the greatest beneficiaries of this magnificent adventure. Feasibly, starting early provides the broadest possible set of opportunities and gains. How well individuals learn to speak a second language […]

Integration of Essays on Linguistics

Linguistics as a science has a long history of research and discovery, but still there is little agreement on the major roles and impacts of linguistic activity on the human nature, relationships and communication. It goes without saying that any language is a powerful instrument of persuasion and communication of any information; it is a […]

Postmodernist Anthropology and its Impact on Translation Practice

It would be fair enough to state that translation in its practical use appeared together with the appearance of the mankind. Not only finding the lexical equivalents, but also interpreting one’s thoughts and ideas, and conveying the meaning of different signs were the tasks of translation at that time. Nowadays the process of translation is […]

Children Develop Speech, Language, and Communication through Plays

Introduction Every child is unique and develops and learns in different ways and rates. Early years practitioners can only support children’s individual learning and development if they know about their personalities, interests, developmental levels, skills, and their learning dispositions. Dispositions must be included among the goals of early childhood education. Practitioners must demonstrate sensitivity so […]