Project Investments

The choice of a product or service that an entrepreneur wishes to invest in is an important factor to consider before bringing it to the market. Any investment project chosen should produce returns to benefit all stakeholders and other interested parties that the project affects directly or indirectly. The paper utilizes axe anarchy fragrance for […]

Financial Statement Risk Analysis for Orrstown Financial Services

Introduction The purpose of this ex-post risk analysis is to determine the profitability, earnings and future financial ratios for Orrston Finacial services. It addresses threats, vulnerability and place mitigating factors in place to shield against bankruptcy and future lawsuit by customer, competitors and the government. The report outlines the actual stability and paints a factual […]

Financing Small Businesses

Introduction Entrepreneurship has gained great significance over the past few decades in both developed and developing economies. Its significance is evidenced by the numerous small and medium sized enterprises [SMEs] being established. Keasey and Storey (2003) assert that the definition of SMEs differs from one country to another. For example, Dalberg (2011, p.6) holds that […]

Entrepreneurial Finance – International Business

Introduction Background to the study Investment plays a significant role in the economic growth of a particular country. This is due to the fact that it stimulates innovation and enhances competition. Amongst the areas that governments should focus in their quest to stimulate economic growth includes the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). One of the […]

Corporate Governance and Country Governance

The four common elements of corporate governance and country governance are “fairness, accountability, transparency and responsibility” (Boyd and Stephen 5; Fernando 45). Fairness refers to equitable treatment and protection against misappropriation of assets. Accountability refers to effective monitoring of the board and accountability of the board to the company and shareholders. Transparency refers to the […]

Cash Connection Study

The following article is a case study of Cash Connection that is a business involved in the short-term lending. Moreover, the article has tried to differentiate its services in a fast growing business that keeps changing because of many factors like saturation in the market and federal government regulations. Allen Franks formed Cash Connection in […]

Fraud as a Threat to Financial Systems

Introduction Every person deserves to earn in an attempt to meet their various needs and wants in life. To this effect, people seek employment and secure appointments to various positions in organisations. Some are not lucky or opt to engage in self-employment and thus engage in their own funded businesses. Such efforts grant them the […]

Cause of the Financial Crisis

Nowadays, it became a commonplace practice among many American economists and politicians to suggest that it is specifically the Federal government’s failure to introduce regulatory measures, as the mean of preventing banks from providing financially non-credible citizens with mortgage loans, which created objective preconditions for the outbreak of 2007 financial crisis. The close analysis of […]