Homosexuals and Marriage Essay

The topic regarding homosexuals and their right to marry has created widespread controversies. This has prompted scholars to identify and weigh the benefits and disadvantages regarding this practice. Being a sensitive issue, it requires thorough understanding before taking a stance. Based on the meticulous research conducted in this regard, homosexuals should be allowed to marry. […]

A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

The story of the play A Streetcar named Desire focuses on love. The research centers on Blanche DuBois’ lies. The research includes determining why Blanche DuBois lied. The street car named desire shows, in a certain sense, Blanche is a liar. In a sense, Blanche is a liar. Blanche DuBois gave several lies to hide […]

Conservative Views on Same-Sex Marriage Campaigns Essay

Contemporary society is at the core of progressive and liberalist views on relations, love, and sexual orientation. Therefore, the campaigns supporting same-sex marriage cannot be regarded as provocations and strikes against the existing morale in society. In political and social terms, gay and lesbian unions cannot be regarded as liberal movements, or as something that […]

Intimacy, Love and Friendship and how they translate to employability Essay

Introduction Skills such as problem solving and handling of crises are vital for a person working for any organization. This is because problems and crises in life are bound to occur in the course of one’s duty. Problem solving and crises handling skills are developed as one encounters different situations in their private lives that […]

Motivation Underlying Interpersonal Attraction and Romance Essay

Different people have different motivations to interpersonal attractions and romantic relationships. However, there are standardizations that apply to both men and women from different backgrounds. This context embarks on physique, financial status, expressive and instrumental qualities, sexual references, and personal values as the key measures of what majority of men and women use to find […]

Intimacy, Love and Friendship Essay

Introduction Compared to the past century, women in Australia have more rights and privileges and their status has risen higher. The transformation that is now being witnessed among the Australian women came about as a result of hard fought political and social battles by movements advocating for change in women’s roles both. In the past, […]