Public Administration: Solutions for a Crisis Situation

Three Ethical and Legal Breaches The case in question entails at least three legal breaches, which can also be regarded as three ethical problems. One of the breaches is provision of distorted data. Thus, Secretary Swinson revealed a huge surplus in budget even though there was a considerable deficit. The employee deliberately revealed distorted data […]

Public administration: theories

Introduction The field of public administration has constantly evolved. In the middle of the twentieth century, sociologists and theorists of public administration focused on imperfections of the government. They also looked into the role of individuals within the system. Some of the most influential theorists of that period were Robert K. Merton, V.O. Key, Jr., […]

Social & Political Theory

Introduction The field of public administration has been developed throughout decades. Various thinkers tried to identify the best structure and the role of public administration. Some of the most influential theorists are William F. Willoughby, Max Weber, Leonard D. White and Mary Parker Follett. Major Contributors to the Field William F. Willoughby is one of […]

Bureaucracy and post-bureaucracy

Over the past, different theories and ideas on management have continued to develop at high rate due to the increased regulatory restructuring as well as flexibility to meet the customer demands (Du Gay, 2000). In addition, to circumvent the problems of ambiguity in dealing with the customers, organizations are embracing different modes of management to […]

Sociological Theories of Durkheim and Simmel

One of the most peculiar aspects of a contemporary living is the fact that nowadays, it is specifically the extent of a particular individual’s integration, within the society, which defines his or her chances to attain self-actualization. This creates a certain contradiction – in order for just about anyone to be able to realize its […]