Mortgage business in Saudi Arabia

Borrower’s risk and mortgage residential lending Borrower’s risk in mortgage business refers to the uncertainties faced by the borrower when engaging themselves in mortgage. Mortgages are taken with an aim of acquiring residential houses and just like any other loans; they have to be paid back with a specified rate of interest which varies from […]

Link between Borrowers’ Risk and Mortgage Lending

Introduction Borrower’s risk is defined as the type of risk that borrowers of any financial funds such as loans or mortgages are exposed to when they borrow either large or small amounts of money. Borrower’s risk mostly occurs when an individual borrows money against property or assets that have a high property value. If the […]

International Finance. Main Causes of Recent Financial Crisis

One of the specific factors that can be attributed to the recent international financial crisis was the loss on housing mortgage loans due to the decline of mortgage prices in the market. A country like the US had more than $1.2 trillion losses that resulted from housing loans (Modigliani & Miller 433). This subsequently led […]