Benefits of Bilingualism among Kindergarten Children

Abstract The purpose of this report is to show the benefits of learning more than one language among kindergarten children. The document was requested by preschool establishments that are planning a marketing campaign to increase the level of enrolment. The research identified a number of benefits associated with bilingualism among the target population. The advantages […]

Bilingualism and Multilingualism

Language is the influential aspect which determines the peculiarities of the people’s interactions in society. It is possible to discuss the usage of language for communication from psychological, linguistic, and sociolinguistic perspectives because language plays an enormous role in the formation of human identity. The peculiar features of the social development influence the progress of […]

Bilingual Education

Language Policy in Australia In Australia, the issues connected with the language policy are discussed both at the federal and state levels. Thus, special language programmes which are worked out in states develop along with the federal Australian Language and Literacy Policy. According to this programme, the most widely spread language in Australia is English, […]


Introduction Paweł Zieliński’s report is titled ‘Bilingualism’ and is a brief analysis of bilinguals and who they are. It also helps readers to distinguish a person who is a bilingual from one who is not. According to the Encarta Dictionary (2011), a bilingual refers to a person “able to speak two languages easily and naturally.” […]

Benefits of Children Learning in Two Languages

Abstract Not many kindergartens have welcomed the idea of bilingual education. They fail to appreciate the importance of a bilingual approach to early child education and the pertinent benefits that accrue to such a system. This report presents the case for this educational approach providing a research analysis of proven benefits of this system. Introduction […]

The Benefits and Issues in Bilingual Education

Introduction Bilingual education put in simple terms is the use of two languages in institutions of learning. Understanding the term ‘bilingual education’ as a simple educational process would be a mistake because in reality it denotes a complex phenomenon dependent upon a set of variables, including the learners’ native language and the language of the […]