This research systematically looks at HRM practices and organisational behaviours at Sonoco with aims of identifying current conditions, evaluating practices, providing new designs, and ways of implementing best HRM practices. The company must restructure its HRM strategies in order to promote new initiatives, meet various functions of HRM such as talent management and support of […]

Leadership Style Emotion

Article Summary The article on Leadership Style Emotion has broadly explored the impact of negative and positive organizational behaviors. According to the authors, all leaders aim at maximizing the ultimate performance of their workers in regards to achieving their organizational goals (McColl-Kennedy & Anderson, 2002). The leadership style administered is therefore very crucial for reaching […]

Another Choice, Another Chance

Introduction Another Choice, Another Chance (ACAC) is a non-profit organisation that helps young people overcome drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Since 1994, the organisation has operated a treatment facility at Sacramento, California (ACDC, 2012, p. 1). Since its inception, ACAC has helped thousands of youths overcome drug addiction. The main profile of clients who get […]

Strategic Change Management

Executive Summary Strategic Change Management has become a strategic role of leaders in various organizations. Various business organizations have come to appreciate the need for change and have designed various methods and approaches of managing change. It has downed on the management that the market competition requires leaders to embrace change and ensure that they […]

Online Recruitment

Introduction It is necessary to carry out a comprehensive literature review to grasp an overview of existing literature on a subject as a prerequisite for understanding the current research position on the topic. Reflectively, the process is intrinsic of comparative analysis of various works of authors in the same scope of the study. Thus, this […]

HRM Practices and Key Points

Analysis of Sources It is important for human resources and firms operating in different cultural background to engage in training to enable them have a competitive edge over others because training helps employee to appreciate and respect the cultural values of other people (Coget 2011, p.85). This stands out as the key message in Coget’s […]