Cash Connection Study

The following article is a case study of Cash Connection that is a business involved in the short-term lending. Moreover, the article has tried to differentiate its services in a fast growing business that keeps changing because of many factors like saturation in the market and federal government regulations. Allen Franks formed Cash Connection in […]

Mortgage business in Saudi Arabia

Borrower’s risk and mortgage residential lending Borrower’s risk in mortgage business refers to the uncertainties faced by the borrower when engaging themselves in mortgage. Mortgages are taken with an aim of acquiring residential houses and just like any other loans; they have to be paid back with a specified rate of interest which varies from […]

The History of Economic Analysis

Jewish and Christian opinions on Usury Researchers believe that the Christian and Jewish theorist have varied opinions when it comes to the issue of lending money. They have notable differences concerning the study of medieval European view which was meant to prevent taking interests on loans. The insights and governing interpretations of the medieval Rabbis […]