How Sleep Deprivation Affects College Students’ Academic Performance

Abstract Sleep deprivation is a big issue in many students who desire to achieve positive results in their studies. Many experts have associated poor sleeping habits in students with decreased functioning of the brain. The quality of sleep that students have determines their level of performance at college. The students deprive themselves of sleep to […]

Sleep Deprivation

Introduction The functioning of the human body is influenced by a number of factors, which are mainly determined by the health status of an individual. Oftentimes, we seek medication, when the body deviates from its normal and usual functioning mechanisms. Through different activities and processes, the body is able to use energy and replenish itself. […]

Sleep disorder

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder where an individual is unable to fall or remain asleep satisfactorily or even both. Characteristics of insomnia include; lack of rest, reduced sleeping time, disturbed or lack of sleep. Poor quality sleep can be perceived as a result of difficulties in falling asleep, high frequency of waking up during the […]

Class Tardiness

Abstract Class tardiness has remained a perpetual problem throughout the history of learning. Although much literature has been expended over issues of indiscipline within the school system, very little has centered on tardiness mainly evolving around absenteeism, drugs, gang links, gun control and violence. This study therefore attempts to extend research on class tardiness by […]

Banning of Social Media Such as Facebook from Schools

The use of social media in learning environment is growing and becoming more popular, as students reach for new methods to maintain their social status quo and exchange information. This usage has also increased with the accessibility of mobile phones and other gadgets like tablets among others. Moreover, the use of social media is also […]

The Eight Hour Dilemma: Sleeping Time Reduction. When a Single Hour Makes a Difference

Introduction: Sleeping as an Active Brain Exercise There is hardly anything as important for a human body as sleeping. Allowing a human body to recover from hard work and putting the information obtained in the course of the day in order, sleep is the organism function that cannot be replaced by any sort of rest. […]