Effective Communication

The success of any organization relies heavily on effective communication. Considering that, a company is a setting in which a large number of people coexist, and that the effective operation of any given department heavily relies on the others, communication channels should be kept open at all times. However, achieving effective communication is not an […]

People’s Responsibility in the Social Media World and its effects on the Reputation

Abstract Social media has developed to become one of the largest and popular platforms in the cyber world. However, this rapid growth has brought many challenges on the use of the social media platforms. This is because social media portrays users and their characters over the internet. This allows for sharing of many aspects of […]

Can the Internet Provide a Forum for Rational Political Debate?

Introduction The Internet remains one of mankind’s most remarkable inventions in history, particularly in the area of communication. It probably ranks as high as the discovery of television and radio, both of which were invented much earlier. As people continue to marvel at the great capability of the Internet due to its extensive reach that […]

Michael Kors Watch

Introduction Product advertisement is a critical part in the marketing strategy. Reflectively, the choice of the advertisement media, advertisement strategy, and presentation tactics are the main ingredients of a successful advertisement. Thus, this analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the most appropriate form of media to advertise the Michael Kors Watch. Besides, the treatise explores […]

Social media networks

Introduction Social media networks have greatly influenced political communication in modern society. Its impact on political activities and governance is especially profound. In the book, the Internet Imaginaire, Patrice Flichy says the development of the internet (social media) is among the most revolutionary processes in modern society (more specifically because the internet has become a […]