Attitudes on Immigrants

Introduction Attitudes can be described as narrow when they mirror positive or negative assessment of an entity and wide ranging when they comprise principles with the character of assessment (Schuman, Charlotte, Lawrence & Maria, 1997). Either way, they can be positive and accommodating or negative and stand-offish. White people generally hold varying attitudes towards immigrants […]

Corporal Punishment

Studies have indicated that over ninety percent of parents in America spank their children. This implies that almost every child in America is spanked by his/her parents at some point. Spanking has been defined as the utilization of physical force with the aim of making a child experience pain, but not injury (Henslin, 2007). Spanking […]

Impact of Politics Science on Both MBA Students and Program Provider Value

Introduction Business administrators are currently facing numerous challenges in their efforts to manage business operations. Most of these challenges emanate from the ever-changing government policies, changes in values and interests of various business stakeholders, globalisation, and secularisation. As organisations continue to open branches in foreign countries, they have to hire administrators with skills in addressing […]

Differences Between Confucianism and Daoism

Confucianism is a traditional form of ethics that was developed among the Chinese people during antiquity. Confucius, a Chinese teacher, taught his followers various things about living in a society (Harwood 52). Other influential people such as Jesus of Nazareth did their teachings in a style similar to his. However, Confucius lived more than five […]

Social Democracy

Social democracy is a form of political ideology that originated from Marxist reformists. The main principle of the ideology includes provision of social services to all members of the public, such as education, healthcare, and pension schemes. The ideology seeks to support the disadvantaged in society, including the elderly and children from poor families. In […]

Best Interventions for Convicted Sexual Offenders and Integration into Society

The Intervention for convicted sex offenders and integration into the society has become an intensely studied criminal justice and correctional issue over the last two decades. The state has raised the intervention programme from purely correctional issue to a broad public wellbeing issue. Different researchers in different states have revealed very crucial findings about sex […]