Samsung Advertising its Brand Using Pancakes During the Pancake Day

Situation Analysis February 17, 2015 was the World Pancake Day, and thus a number of organizations took the day to advertise their brands. However, Samsung carried the day. The campaign aimed at familiarizing its customers with different brands because hostility on any product could be converted into sympathy. The self-doubters would accept the company and […]

Twitter Discussion Application Programming Interface

Abstract Twitter application programming interface (API) is a publicly available extension of Twitter that allows programmers to incorporate various aspects of the social network into their applications, websites, and software. This literature review examines research about the API and about its usage on a number of problems. The highlighted examples include the usage of the […]

Social Media Strategy – eTourism

The notions and principles of eTourism and e-commerce become closely connected while referring to the use of social media platforms for different marketing projects. The effectively developed social media strategy provides the framework for completing the project’s goals with the help of social media platforms. The social media strategy report on virtual tourism includes the […]

Social Media

Introduction Advancement in technology has provided an opportunity for the development of new forms of technologies. Social media, which has become a reality through the employment of technology, is a term used to refer to various internet networks that allow people to interact, as well as share ideas and opinions in different remote locations. Examples […]

Cyber Terrorism

Introduction This research paper will discuss cyber terrorism, how it is created, the threats it poses in the society, and the best ways internet users can avoid it. This paper will also include some of the most famous cyber terrorism attacks. Terrorism refers to the calculated use of violence against civilians in order to attain […]

Social media networks

Introduction Social media networks have greatly influenced political communication in modern society. Its impact on political activities and governance is especially profound. In the book, the Internet Imaginaire, Patrice Flichy says the development of the internet (social media) is among the most revolutionary processes in modern society (more specifically because the internet has become a […]

Social Network: Сonsequences

Introduction Social network sites (SNSs) have drawn millions of users, many of whom have tailored them to their everyday needs. SNSs include Facebook, Bebo, 43 Things, BlackPlanet, and Athlinks, among others. Social network sites have made communication easy throughout the globe. In fact, they have spurred globalization across the world. In the process, SNSs have […]

Techniques for Detecting, Preventing or Mitigating DoS or Distributed DoS attacks

Introduction The internet has become part of the daily lives of people throughout the world. Some services such as banking, transportation, and healthcare are heavily dependent on it. According to Patrikakis, Masikos, and Zouraraki (2004), the internet is an intricate system of computers that are linked with the intention of creating an easy communication platform. […]

Usage of Blogging for Boys’ Motivation

Introduction Blogging is a form of interactive communication which entails posting informative content about specific topics on the World Wide Web. This evolving technology is one of the most popular forms of social media used in the modern society. Online communication through blogging enables people to interact with each other in a simple way, thus […]

Online Advertising: Facebook and Twitter

Introduction Online advertising has been one of the leading marketing strategies for most organizations in the recent past. It is proper to mention that organizations have had a great time engaging their customers online especially through social media like Twitter blogging, Facebook pages, Google pages and online television services. The moment a new product is […]

Twitter Survival

Twitter’s Challenges 2010, so far, has been a very challenging year for Twitter. In the start of the year, many of the important investors like Borthwick reduced down their investment ratios by 52%. The investors backed out because they feel Twitterno longer provides a good platform for mass marketing (MacMillan). Apart from this, Twitteris also […]

Toms Company: Social Networking Sites

Executive summery Internet usage is the emerging information technology with increased credibility, stronghold and immediacy. Thus, it globalizes all aspects of communication. Internet communication is more particular, effective and interactive. It has generally revolutionized advertising and brought more advantages over the conventional forms of marketing. Marketing through internet is more precise, interactive, interesting, personal and […]

Marketing Strategy: ASOS

Executive Summary ASOS must consider the following three recommendations based on the following themes: 1) New Product Development ; 2) Brand Positioning; and 3) Use social media to create emotional brand attachment. ASOS must prioritize strategies related to new product development. It is aligned with the need to create a new product line for children. […]

Social Media Monitoring

Introduction The emergence of the internet has significantly transformed the business environment. One of the ways through which this has occurred relates to the ease with which businesses can undertake marketing communication. Integration of effective marketing communication is one of the elements that contribute towards business success. There are various mediums of communication which organizations […]