Usage of Blogging for Boys’ Motivation

Introduction Blogging is a form of interactive communication which entails posting informative content about specific topics on the World Wide Web. This evolving technology is one of the most popular forms of social media used in the modern society. Online communication through blogging enables people to interact with each other in a simple way, thus […]

Twitter Survival

Twitter’s Challenges 2010, so far, has been a very challenging year for Twitter. In the start of the year, many of the important investors like Borthwick reduced down their investment ratios by 52%. The investors backed out because they feel Twitterno longer provides a good platform for mass marketing (MacMillan). Apart from this, Twitteris also […]

Unleashing web 2.0 for African learning

Innovation in technology is occurring at a breathtaking rate. Uncomplicated, open source applications and services established on the Internet and meant to boost teaching and learning, now have been made accessible to the general population at a limited or no cost in the least. These online social media applications referred to as Web 2.0 allow […]

Innovative & Emerging Technologies: Leveraging Social Media

Introduction to the Readings There are many ways of how technologies can be used to improve the quality of a human life. People believe that the concept of technology should be associated with something new. However, the idea of the technological worth is as old as a human society because technology refers to a kind […]