Feminism in the works of Susan Glaspell and Sophocles Essay

Introduction In literature and language studies, a variety of themes exist and among the fascinating ones is feminism. Feminism has been given attention by a number of writers, play writers, poets and novelists. Their works have been used to study feminism in literature. Feminism was brought in the lime light through the works of writers, […]

Kate Chopin Essay

Kate Chopin is a personality which deserves attention. Being an interesting person, Kate Chopin has written many stories and her life may be considered as boring and usual except for the particular moments which make her biography deserve attention. Of course, the lives of famous people are always interesting, however, the biography of Kate Chopin […]

Gender parity in higher education Essay

Introduction This paper reflects on the issue of gender parity in higher education. The paper outlines three major hindrances to achieving gender equity in access to higher education. The three factors mentioned in the paper include; the rights and choices for women education, gender parity in leadership and employment in senior positions. The paper looks […]

Literacy of women in Europe and Middle East Dissertation

Introduction This dissertation revolves around the issues based on the literacy of women in Europe and Middle East and the way advanced technology has contributed to this factor. Women’s leadership and women in the telecommunication businesses are some of the points that need to be put into consideration and women’s contribution to the economic opportunities […]