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Taiwan is a favorite tourist destination Report

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Updated: Apr 3rd, 2019

As a favorite tourist destination, Taiwan was selected for the destination marketing strategy assessment (Dore & Crouch, 2003).

The media and other promotional activities have played a major role in ensuring that Taiwan is marketed as a luxury destination for target audience. The marketing activities make use of different communication and promotion strategies.

Several activities are conducted in order to correctly identify appropriate ways to reach the target audience (Lee, Scott, & kim, 2008). These include identification of their geographic locations, psychographic and socioeconomic factors.

This can be done via segmented variables that will provide more accurate information on the location and economic status of the targeted audience. In regard to the Chinese audience, specific geographical locations and lifestyles can be used to pinpoint the target audience (Hornik, 2004).

The marketing objectives are utilized are designed to identify the target audience and provide them with appropriate information regarding the destinations and other related services. Creative strategies can be employed for maximum returns.

In the case of Taiwan, creative strategies should consist of messages that precisely inform the audience about the luxury tourist services that are provided (Lattimore, Baskin, Heiman, & Toth, 2009). This should be reinforced with advertisements that appeal to the target audience.

Taiwan possesses some advantages that can boost its appeal to Chinese luxury travellers (Lattimore, Baskin, Heiman, & Toth, 2009). The country has gained popularity as a luxury destination that is nearest to the Chinese luxury traveller.

The country can also gain from other actions such as celebrity endorsements and by virtue of having comparative lifestyles with mainland Chinese. The country should put more emphasis on endorsements because they are more popular.

Taiwan should use a promotional mix that includes publicity, celebrity endorsement, product placements and travel and lifestyle programs. Publicity can be done through various ways such as celebrity stunts captured by paparazzi (Lee, Scott, & kim, 2008).

Several media activities can be used to expose Taiwan’s luxury destinations. Writers, Journalists and film crew can be used to provide the necessary exposure. This group of professionals can be engaged deliberately to provide the necessary exposure.

Another favorable promotional mix can be facilitated by concentrating on the different forms of advertisement. This may include: Magazines such as consumer magazines and business publications; national and regional newspapers; in-flight advertisements; and TV commercials.

Interactive media and internet promotional mix can also be utilized to target certain groups of Chinese luxury travellers. Professional websites should be targeted because they offer a direct link with the target audience, who visit them to book flights and hotels.

Social media such as facebook, youtube, twitter and other websites that provide forums can be used to provide specific information regarding tourist destinations (Li & Bernoff, 2011).

The aim of all these activities should be to raise awareness portraying Taiwan as a favorite destination for Chinese luxury travellers (Dore & Crouch, 2003).


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Appendix 1- Target Audience

Majority of the Chinese millionaires live in Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangsu. These are the same areas where the super rich live. Most Chinese millionaires are aged between 39 and 45.

Appendix 2- Preferred sports

Sports preferred by Chinese millionaires include golf (38%), swimming (36%), Yoga (25%), Mountaineering (24%), and Badminton (19%).

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