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Telecom & Comp Net In HC Proposal

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Updated: May 15th, 2019

Technology is currently taking a lead in priority in most organizations and institutions that purpose to improve their customer services as well as the internal operations. One of the key aspects that aid to maximize on utilization of an organization’s resources is data organization and ease in the communication processes.

Improving the telecommunication and network infrastructure within an organization improves several other factors. Adopting a modern infrastructure, for instance, leads to improved efficiency with the employees having a friendly working environment. The result is an improvement in service delivery or quality of products depending on the specialty of the organization (Armoni, 2000, p. 234).

A health organization for instance requires a modern technology communication system for a smooth running. This paper is an “as-is” telecommunications and network review of my place of work that gives a plan to manipulate for a new and better internet based infrastructure at the end.

Surprisingly, most health institutions have lagged behind in incorporating the latest technology within their systems. The systems currently in place are manual and result to wastage of otherwise resourceful time. Such systems can improve significantly if integrated with modern telecommunications systems. (Kaschek, 2008, p.14).

Am though grateful to the founders who established health organizations like the one I work for that delivers medical services through several outlets in different regions of the country. Certainly, they had a positive motive to reach the rural areas and the less fortunate individuals in the society.

In my opinion, they must have adopted the best technology at that time. Subsequent top ranking officers have since then done little to improve the information system hence the system remains outdated.

Since the goal of this organization is to deliver quality and affordable medical service, I always get aroused whenever I think about the duration that it takes a patient to get medication with the current information system. The main reason is the long duration the patient has to wait for the processing of the medical report from the laboratory leave alone the occasional failure of the old machines in place.

An automated system will certainly generate such reports faster once fed with the necessary data. It is thus time saving and less labor intensive giving (Armoni, 2000, p. 234) the lab personnel time for other tasks. Nevertheless, time that would have spent preparing reports is spent attending other patients.

The patients take the compiled laboratory report to the doctor for the appropriate medical advice. A cash receipt showing that the patient already paid for the medical lab services must accompany this report. In case of a lost or misplaced receipt, the patient pays for the service once more since it is never easy to trace the relevant records from the system. A high speed data channel can solve this problem.

Tracing records will be easy from any other department once updated on the institution’s information database. The doctor may not necessarily ask for the cash receipt. Instead of the manual filing system, records are stored in the system database where data retrieval is easy. Time that would have been spent looking for some records is utilized in serving the patients.

As earlier indicated, I work for one of the healthcare outlets of an organization with several others across the country. We, of course, have a main centre responsible for handling extreme medical cases. Unfortunately, communication with other centers and the main center remain a nightmare up to date despite the available technology that can be employed.

In fact, an officer has to transfer patients’ records from one of the multiple branches to the referral center when required. Having a high speed optical cable connection in this case will save tremendously. All records can thus be accessed from the organizations database at the main server. The star topology network layout is preferred for easy troubleshooting.

The head office assumes the role to keep all employees’ records meaning that all data concerning an employee from any of the branches are available from the headquarters. Therefore, any employee with any issue of concern must travel to the main centre to make enquiries.

Branch managers must also take time to get all the information necessary for preparing the payroll then send it to the headquarters. Similarly, a massager collects the pay slips from the head office every month. I personally find this system of operation poor and requiring serious revisions.

With an intention to improve the information and communication system, I recommend several things as I execute others. Since I understand that most employees will object the change, it is essential to point out the importance and advantages of the new system to both junior and senior staff (Kawalek, 2007, p. 11).

To win their support, I would emphasize on the benefits to the staff in terms of making internal operations easy and fast. In order to make the idea more reasonable, I will develop a complete technology plan showing how the information system will be advantageous at present and in the future. This has to take care of the changing nature of the technology industry.

In addition, I will advocate for the latest telecommunication systems that can multitask and minimize chances of system failure. I will particularly press for optical fiber because it causes less signal degradation and is safer from hacking.

The modern system will ensure data security by partnering with online data backup companies such as Cristie Software that can serve better for a start. This ensures data security from threats like viruses and other cybercrimes (Daft, 2007, p. 674).

To take care of the employees who may have difficulties working with a modern information system, it will be considerate to devise basic user-friendly software like word processing as well as customer relationship management that features a graphical user interface (Daft, 2007, p. 670). Once acquainted with the system, it will be easy to access data from the system at any time of the day.

Additionally, the fiber optic technology will improve the internal operations and the customer service delivery too. Data organization will be accomplished with a common data base managed from the main server for all branches. Nonetheless, there will no longer be cases of missing records or delay in tracing records.

Unlike the traditional system, employees will realize that it will no longer be necessary to go all the way to the head office to seek for solutions to minor issues. Instead, the senior officials will attend to employees’ issues over the internet thus save on time and resources.

The entire organization will enjoy the benefits of having a modern communication and information system because it will ensure quality service delivery, making it a preferred healthcare center. By so doing, the organization will meet the initial obligation as desired by the founder.

The new system is though prone to cybercrimes or failure like any other automated systems. It will also cost a lot to initiate and maintain the project as it will require expertise to accomplish the task (Kawalek, 2007, p. 11). The advantages outdo the disadvantages thus the project is viable.


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