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The Ayla Event Hall Construction Project Report

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Updated: Jun 5th, 2020

Business Case

The Ayla Hall Project arose from the identification of the need for an events hall in Western Abu Dhabi. This is because most Events Halls in Abu Dhabi are adjacent to the beach in the Eastern parts of Abu Dhabi. There is a growing demand for event halls in more serene locations of Abu Dhabi away from the busy beaches. The main benefit that will accrue to the stakeholder of the project is that investors will have a competitive return on investments. The basis of this benefit is the projections made regarding the project in comparison to similar facilities and in line with the growing demand for Events Halls in Eastern Abu Dhabi. This project will be successful if the Project Management Committee is able to deliver the project on time and within the budget allocated by the Ayla Residents Association.

Scope Overview

The main activities of the Ayla Hall Project are as follows. The first phase of the project is planning. During the planning phase, the consultant will coordinate the activities of the Project Management Committee towards the development of an architectural drawing and landscape design. In addition, the committee will carry out value engineering after the completion of the preliminary plans. The committee will also prepare landscaping plans and make decisions regarding the layout of the entire facility. The second main activity will be the construction phase. This phase will involve all stakeholders at various levels.

The local government will carry out inspections at various stages of construction to ensure that the project meets all regulatory requirements. The third main activity of the project will be installation of the interior fittings. Interior fitting in this case refers to the paintwork, interior décor, installation of pipes and faucets, installation of electrical outlets, as well as installation of equipment for use in the hall.

The primary deliverables of this project will be as follows. First, the project will deliver an Events Hall as specified by the client. Secondly, the project will deliver all the equipment needed for the operations of the hall. The third deliverable will be a landscaped lawn for outdoor activities such as breakout sessions and team building activities.

The two main objectives of this project are as follows. First, the project intends to develop an events hall to meet the rising need for an events facility in Eastern Abu Dhabi for local residents and for visitors to the area. The second objective of the project is to create value for the Ayla Residents Association.

This project does not include the operations of the Ayla Hall Project after construction. In this regard, the recruitment of employees to run the facility and the management of maintenance contracts do not form part of this project. In addition, the project does not cover the construction of roads leading to the facility, as well as the connection of the facility to utility providers (gas, electricity, internet, and water).These aspects will be under a separate project managed by the residents association because of existing supply contracts.

Milestone Schedule and Acceptance Criteria

The table below presents the acceptance criteria for this project.

Project Item Acceptance Criteria
Construction of the building housing the Ayla Hall Project Building delivered corresponds to design
Material used in construction all meet design specifications
Structure receives approval from local government demonstrating adherence to local building codes
Interior Design and Fittings Fittings conform to design specifications
Fittings are functional and are of acceptable quality standards as stipulated in the design
Landscaping Landscape conforms to design specifications
All plant varieties used in landscaping are indigenous to Abu Dhabi, or are compatible to local climatic conditions

The milestone schedule for this project is as follows.

Milestone Date
Completion of the construction of the building that will house the events hall and the completing of construction of the parking 1stJuly 2014
Completion of the building interiors: This includes paintwork, electrical wiring, plumbing, furnishing and interior design 1st August 2014
Completion of landscaping and exterior design: This milestone includes the development of external facilities such as patios, lawn construction, development of walkways and breakout areas, and the planting of flowers and trees. 1stAugust 2014


This project has many risks associated with the construction process. The main project risks associated with the Ayla Hall Project are resource risks, schedule risks, and management risks. Resource risks in the context of the Ayla Hall Project refer to resource constraints that may affect the timely delivery of the project. The client has enough money to fund this project provided market conditions affecting the cost of materials and labor do not change rapidly. The Ayla Residents Association does not have a backup plan to raise extra finances for the project. Lack of finances will affect relations with contractors, and will hamper delivery of the materials the contractors need to complete the project. In addition, the cost of maintenance of the project in areas such as such as site security and renegotiation of contracts will escalate.

The risk owner in this context is the client. The main assumption in this regard is that market forces will not change rapidly during the active life of the project. Schedule risks may also affect the timely delivery of the project. The risk factors include poor weather, labor unrest, the impact of resource risks, and the impact of negative reviews by regulators. The occurrence of these risk factors will affect the entire project. The risk owners in this case include all the stakeholders of the project.

Each of the risk factors identified above affects several project stakeholders. The main assumptions under the risks associated with the schedule of the project are these risk factors will not all occur. This will limit the impact of the schedule risks on the project. The third category of risks is management risks. The Project Management Committee comprises different stakeholders who include the contractors, the client, consultants, and the local government. A disagreement within this team can lead to delays. This can lead to the emergence of secondary risk factors. The most vulnerable areas of the project in regards to management risks include the project schedule and the delivery of the project as envisioned by the client.

Stakeholder List

The five main stakeholder groups in this project are the client, the contractor, the consultant, the local government, and the suppliers. The client for this project is the Ayla Residents Association. The Ayla Residents Association owns the land that will host this project. It also raised the funds for the construction project. The Ayla Residents Association’s chairperson is a member of the Project Management Committee and represents the interest of the Ayla Residents Association. The second stakeholder in this project is the consultant contracted by the Ayla Residents Association to develop the business plan as well as the structural plan for the project. The Ayla Residents Association hired Spacetech Consultants to provide all the consultancy services required for the project. The consulting firm has a representative in the Project Management Committee.

The third main stakeholder group is project contractors. The nature of the project is that it will require several contractors to develop the events hall. The main project contractors are civil time Contractors and Power works Limited.

Civil time Contractors will handle the architectural design, civil works, and construction supervision. Power works Limited will handle all the electrical works required for the upcoming facility. Suppliers are also a key group of stakeholders in this project. The delivery of this project will require services and provisions from a wide range of suppliers. The final stakeholder in the Ayla Hall Project is the Abu Dhabi Local Government. The local government must issue construction permits after approving the plans. In addition, it carries out regular inspections to ascertain that the construction project adheres to the construction and environmental regulations.

Team Operating Principles

The three operating principles of the project management team are trust, respect, and mutual support. All team members will endeavor to maintain trust by being transparent, accountable, and honest. The team members will also handle one another with respect because all members are specialists in their skill areas. The team members will also do their best to offer mutual support to each other for the good of the project. The team will communicate using online platforms. The team will also have a weekly meeting to review progress. Each member of the team will play a specific role in the course of the project. The leader shall ensure that all members have access to the resources they need to play their roles. One member shall act as the team’s secretary, and shall keep all minutes. The rest of the members will carry our various assignments in line with the position of the project. The team will make decisions by consensus. In cases where it is impossible to agree, the team will make decisions by a majority vote.

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