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The Forestry Department: Marketing Strategy Essay

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A timely warning, the organization of combating forest fires, and eliminating their consequences requires using modern information technologies and the capabilities of geographic information systems. The Forestry Department has already transformed the taxation and cartographic data on paper carriers almost everywhere and created combined databases on magnetic media that allow using modern information technologies. To form the petrological characteristics of forest fund lands, taxation characteristics in most cases require the generalization and creation of specialized information systems. An effective struggle against the threat of fire is possible in case modern and high-tech equipment is introduced to monitor and identify possible danger timely. As an effective measure, the implementation of a remote control system for forest fires will be considered. This program allows monitoring the condition of forest areas, transmit temperature data, and signal in case of a fire hazard. With the help of such a system, the danger can be identified before the fire spreads over a large area, and emergency measures can be taken to save the terrain. The introduction of remote control will ensure the protection of forests and help to avoid serious damage to nature and human victims.

Marketing Mix

Product Target

The system of remote notification of fire danger will be of interest to the Forestry Department since it is the responsible board that controls this sphere. According to Yuan, Zhang, and Liu (2015), “traditional forest fire monitoring and detection methods employ either mechanical devices or humans to monitor the surroundings, but these methods can be both dangerous and costly in terms of the required human resources” (p. 783). Also, an innovative system of remote control and detection of fire will be necessary for rescue teams regularly engaged in firefighting. State boards will be able to obtain reliable and effective equipment that will protect forest territory and thereby save a significant part of resources. Moreover, this system will help to eliminate the need for mechanical intervention, which will also become an additional benefit for the authorities to reduce the financing of “manned aerial vehicle-based systems” (Yuan et al., 2015, p. 783). Therefore, the implementation of this project is justified from the point of view of state boards’ interests.

Marketing Design

In order for the fire alarm system under consideration to be in demand in the market and among interested parties, it is necessary for the product to meet all stakeholders’ requirements and possess specific characteristics. The price of such goods may vary depending on the bundle and the terms of sale. Both one-time and long-term payments are possible. It is assumed that the goods will be distributed on the territory with large forest areas where the application of the system is most relevant. Using the program at home is irrational since the coverage radius is extensive, and specific signals are interpreted based on the analysis of data from an open area. The promotion of the notification system can occur both through the advertising of the goods in the media and demonstration testing to attract the attention of stakeholders.

Feasibility Analysis

Resources to Make the Product

The production of an innovative fire alarm system in forests requires the availability of special equipment through which the program will be able to operate. First, the corresponding function in the form of infrared lamps, temperature sensors, and other devices should be used. Also, premises for assembling equipment are required where it will be possible to not only create devices but also test them. Employees with the knowledge of the basics of remote equipment operation and infrared waves should be involved. Machines for production can be purchased from partners, but the establishment of own production will be more profitable. Therefore, all possible resources should be used to assemble the product at the point of sale.

Production Evidence

The existing technology for the production of innovative equipment can be further developed on the basis of the older analogs of firefighting systems. As Bao, Xiao, Lai, Zhang, and Kim (2015) remark, the optimization of the process may allow for more effective results of monitoring the state of forests and determining emergency situations. The updating of the product with high-tech devices like infrared sensors, satellite data transmitters, and other mechanisms can be made in corresponding assembly points of the system elements. The production does not take too much time, and the technology can be accessed as soon as everything is ready for work.

Costs Estimation

To start production and launch an advertising campaign to promote a new line of equipment, quite a lot of money may be required. Nevertheless, it is supposed that in case of successful sales, initial costs will pay back less than in a year. Sponsorship as a seed capital is necessary to launch the program for the production of remote warning systems. The first profit can be spent on the dissemination of information regarding the success of the project and its merits. The exact amount of money needed is not easy to assess since many factors should be taken into account – the cost of equipment and materials purchased, staff salaries, advertising, and other expenses. However, the resources spent are likely to return with profit.

The Competitive Environment

The process of the introduction of a new project to the target market may have some nuances that should be taken into account. In order to analyze the potential success of the program among the audience, special theoretical frameworks may be used. Bell and Rochford (2016) mention such rating systems as Porter’s Five Forces and PEST analysis. According to the authors, the use of these evaluation models can reveal which factors influence a particular product or service in the business environment and what effect this or that action may have (Bell & Rochford, 2016). Applying these analyzes in the context of the remote warning system under consideration can be valuable in terms of identifying objective obstacles and determining the competitive environment.

Porter’s Five Forces

When considering Porter’s five forces, it should be noted that this model provides for three forces of horizontal competition and two vertical ones. The horizontal competition includes the threat of similar products’ emergence on the market, competing companies’ activities, and the degree of competition for the spheres of influence (Bell & Rochford, 2016). Vertical forces imply such indicators as the market power of suppliers and consumers (Bell & Rochford, 2016). With regard to the design of a new remote fire control system, horizontal competition is more serious since similar products have already been introduced in the market, and the interest of the target audience in the new product may not be high enough despite its high adaptability.

PEST Analysis

The marketing environment can also be evaluated using PEST analysis. This framework includes such aspects as political (P), economic (E), social (C), and technological (T) ones (Bell & Rochford, 2016). Regarding the submitted project, economic and technological factors may be the most significant for the new system. The possibility of saving, which is provided through effective control of the situation in forests, opens up new prospects for financing. From the technological point of view, the new program is an innovative and improved version of the previous systems, which can also positively influence its beneficial position in the market.

Financial Reports and Commentary

All financial reporting will be carried out in accordance with the existing legislation and the requirements imposed on manufacturers. When preparing the data, information on the volume of sales for a specific period and the costs used in the process of work will be used. Also, statistical data of the products’ sales should be analyzed in order to have the most accurate information about factors affecting supply and demand. Moreover, additional external aspects may be taken into account. Vidal et al. (2016) suggest evaluating “the impact climate change on forests or the ever-increasing numbers of natural hazards” (p. 804). All this information can be useful in drawing up a comprehensive picture of the situation.

Initial costs for business will be assessed based on the list of essential resources. Appropriate equipment for assembling remote monitoring devices will be procured. Premises will be rented for the purpose of product storage. Employees will be hired to perform various duties. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to refrain from the costs of the services of analysts, marketers, and other specialists of a narrow profile. Otherwise, the expenses will be unreasonably high for starting a new business and trying to achieve recognition in the competitive environment.

Business Aims and Strategy

During the first year of operation and sale of the equipment under consideration, it is planned to obtain recognition of the products in the market and to receive sufficient profits in order to cover the costs of opening the business. SMART goal setting can be valuable to assess the work done effectively, set and achieve realistic goals, and respond timely to any changes in the interests of the target audience and the market preferences as a whole. These objectives are essential for the business since continuous innovations in the field of environmental protection open new opportunities for improving current services. The measurement will be carried out on the basis of real profit and interest in products. Accordingly, the timely analysis of performance and resource allocation may be valuable tools for assessing the success of the project.

To set your business on the right path towards achieving all these goals, it is essential to adhere to the principles of modern trade. Appropriate partnership agreements may be signed to have reliable suppliers of necessary equipment and a stable sales market. Also, continuous monitoring of the system being sold should be carried out so that any possible defects could be eliminated immediately. If the products meet high quality, consumers will appreciate them and will give their preference to the innovative remote fire detection system.


The innovative remote monitoring system may help to protect forests from the threat of fire and contribute to avoiding significant losses. A number of resources are needed in order to open the business and achieve its competitiveness in the modern market. All costs can be recouped during the first year if the equipment is recognized among the target audience and will meet modern quality standards. Financial reporting and the competent analysis of work will allow reacting to any changes in indicators of sales in due time. Such factors as stable profits, partnership building, and approval among the government can make the business a success.


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