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The Perception of Healthy Human Environment Essay


The term environment refers to a combination of factors external to an organism (Nakaya 2006). The factors can be biological, physical, social, or cultural. The combination of these attributes affects the survival and wellbeing of the said organism. The human environment involves those elements that are outside man’s internal system. Such factors play a significant role in the health of the human population.

In this reflection, I am going to review presentations made in class about this subject. In part 1, I will analyze how what I have learned in this unit has changed my perception of healthy human environments. In part 2, I will reflect on one of the other group’s presentation, focusing on the theme and recommendations revolving around the subject. In part 3, I will highlight my group’s contribution, with a special focus on 3 things that I feel worked to our advantage.

What I Have Learnt

The unit is called Local and Global Environments for Health. A lot of emphasis was placed on how the environment impacts human health. The unit also addressed the ways through which man affects their surroundings. I learned that humans have to take care of the environment to improve their living standards (Nakaya, 2006). The unit made me realize that human activities that lead to environmental degradation negatively affect the universe.

Taking care of the environment should be the collective responsibility of every member of society. When one individual engages in processes that degrade the environment, the entire human population’s quality of life is negatively affected (Low, Gleeson, Green & Radovic 2005).

For example, the pollution of a water body by one individual will expose other people to diseases and other such issues. Before I participated in this unit, I perceived the environment as a simple collection of living and non-living things. By the end of my classes, I have come to realize that the term is broader than I originally thought. It is used to collectively describe all the factors that are external to man.

A healthy environment refers to the collection of elements that are friendly to humans. Such elements promote the wellbeing of man. Humans depend on the environment to survive. For example, they rely on external factors to meet some of their most basic needs, such as those for food and water. The behavior of a neighbor may influence the health of an individual (Baum 2008). For example, a person may contract a contagious disease, such as HIV/AIDS, from another individual.

The other Group’s Presentation

The presentation made by the other group addressed the theme of genetic modification of organisms. The subject matter of their work was the impacts of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on the environment. The group touched on both the positive and the negative effects associated with the introduction of these organisms. Before the presentation, I had a narrow perspective of GMOs. I regarded them as an important source of food for the community. I had no prior knowledge of the negative effects of these organisms on the environment. Following the presentation, I realized that the introduction of these food crops threatens biodiversity. Consumers are unsure of the quality and safety of these types of food.

The group recommended that the society should be educated on GMOs to reduce the negative impacts that this technology has on the environment (Landon 2006). It is possible to implement this recommendation given that people will embrace knowledge related to the safety of this technological innovation.

Reflecting on my Group’s Presentation

I feel that my group’s presentation was a success. To begin with, the terms used by my team were clearly defined. Such terms as detention centers, refugees, and asylum seekers were vividly conceptualized to enhance the audience’s understanding of the subject matter. The second thing that improved our presentation was the use of visual aids to enhance interaction with the audience. The picture of Christmas Island, which was used in the arrangement, helped in describing the environment of the area (Egendorf 2005). Thirdly, our production used statistical data to illustrate the reality with regards to the environment of Christmas Island. Our group showed the number of refugees from various countries residing in the area (Murgatroyd 2010).

Given another opportunity, my group would improve the recommendations section. We would recommend the refugees on Christmas Island to be allowed to live together with other members of the society. They should not be discriminated against for fear of infectious diseases (Bartik, Kowalenko, Whitefield & Wignall 2001).


The environment is the amalgamation of factors that are beyond the intrinsic boundaries of a living organism. Man depends on the environment for their existence. As a result, they cannot dissociate themselves from their surroundings. Their well-being relies on the quality of the environment. As such, humans must safeguard the environment to shield themselves from the harmful effects of degradation. All members of society should collectively manage the environment. Degradation by one individual negatively impacts on the survival of the other members of the society.


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