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The Problem of Inequality Proposal



I would like to examine two topics that are closely related to one another. First of all, I want to focus on the causes of increasing inequality in the United States. Additionally, it is important to discuss the role that the government should be allowed to play to address this problem. There are several reasons why these topics are of great interest to me. In my opinion, this issue affects millions of people, and one should understand the factors that contribute to the unequal distribution of wealth. This knowledge can have significant implications for policy-makers who need to develop strategies for the long-term development of the country. However, it is even more important to identify the steps that the state should be allowed to take to achieve this goal. The main task is to make sure that governmental policies do not infringe upon the rights of citizens. Overall, the complexity and importance of these topics are the main reasons why I have selected them among others.

The main questions that should be examined

In my opinion, my research on this topic may reveal several important results. For instance, it is possible to conjecture that the deregulation of various industries is closely tied to growing inequalities, especially between employers and employees. Moreover, I may learn about the impact of globalization on the ability of people to make use of their economic opportunities. Additionally, the study of this topic area may indicate that the political power of the middle class has significantly decreased over the last three decades. Moreover, it is possible to speak about the increased competition in the labor market. These are some of the issues that should be considered. I intend to learn more about the successful models of diminishing inequality. In this context, the word successful implies that the economic development of the society is not impaired. The idea that wealth should be redistributed by the government has been examined by many scholars. Yet, the main objective is to identify the models that have already proved to be effective. It is important to remember that the increased wealth of some individuals can be attributed to their ingenuity, creativity, and ability to find innovative solutions to existing problems. Moreover, policy-makers must make sure that social reforms do not stifle the activities of such people. This is the key issue that should be addressed.

The sources that can be used

Two sources can be incorporated into this research. For instance, it is possible to mention George Packer’s essay Broken Contract. In this work, the author highlights the idea in many countries, including the United States, the economic elites were able to increase political power. This writer attaches importance to the increased role of lobbying since it is one of the forces that shape American political life (Packer par. 13). Furthermore, this author mentions that the regulatory agencies that were supposed to protect the rights of consumers and employees. However, the role of these organizations has decreased significantly (Packer par. 13). This is another detail that should be considered since it can throw light on the reasons why economic inequalities exist.

Additionally, it is possible to mention the article The Rich are Different from You and Me ” was written by Chrystia Freeland who speaks about how wealth is distributed in modern societies (Freeland 60). One of her assumptions is that this trend will persist, provided that the government does not change its attitude towards the problem of inequality (Freeland 60). The sources that have been singled out can throw light on the major social trends that affect the lives of American people. Nevertheless, one has to do more extensive research to understand the topics that I have chosen. So, it will be necessary to study other sources. This is one of the points that can be made.


At first, I will focus on doing the research. This topic can be pursued with the help of such a method as a literature review. I will rely on the peer-reviewed articles that can be accessed through various databases. This approach can help me find a variety of sources that present different perspectives on the problem of inequality or how it can be reduced. Moreover, this approach may show that scholars may have conflicting opinions on certain questions. The study of such sources can help me critically evaluate the ideas of different authors. Based on this review, I will identify a set of the most important ideas that will be included in the paper. Furthermore, I will develop a sentence outline that will briefly explain what kind of information should be included in various sections of the paper. This step is critical for understanding the structure of the paper. Moreover, the development of the outline can show how different questions are related to one another. I also will write several drafts of the paper, and each of them will be peer-reviewed. The main advantage of this approach is that it will help me see possible flaws in my arguments. These are the main steps that I will take.

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