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Music Videos Effect on the Self Growth Essay

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Socialization refers to the social experiences of the day to day life, which make human beings develop and learn culture. Contrary to other species on earth human beings need social experiences in order to learn and develop a culture.

The existence of human beings is not biologically set; hence, every social development calls for socialization. In identifying the self or personality, social experience is needed which is at the core of personality.

It essentially puts interest in the person’s patterns of acting which must be consistent with the thinking and the feelings of the said person. The developing of a personality takes others so as to develop.

A century before it was wrongly believed that human beings depend on instincts a thing was later disputed by the mere realization that instincts could only work in animals.

Major theories were later advanced to lay a distinction between the developments of people in terms of gender (Macionis & Gerber, 2011).

Development of personality

The development of different cultures in human beings has been said to have a special link with the gender of that person. Boys and girls in their personality development are said to use different standards to qualify what is right or wrong.

Boys are said to have a justice perspective whereby the formal rules are strictly used to define what is right or wrong. To the contrary, girls are said to have a care and responsibility approach of what is right or wrong (Macionis & Gerber, 2011).

The socialization process has a core part called the self. The self is defined as part of an individual composed of the recognition of a self and the image of a self. The self is said to develop with the social experience of an individual.

At birth, the self is not held to exist, and any suggestion in support of the notion that biological effects have a role in the developing of a self are untrue.

There is no seeable link between the biological maturation and the development of the self (Macionis & Gerber, 2011).

The growth of the self

A vital part in the development of the self as before mentioned is socialization. The interaction of individuals is the propelling force behind the realization of a self. Without interactions as seen in cases of isolated children, the body grows, but the emerging of the self remains stagnant.

Human beings are said to interpret and understand actions and intentions of fellow human beings. The realization of self is grounded on determination to observe the self from another’s point of view. By imagining the role of another, the self emerges (Macionis & Gerber, 2011).

Effects of music videos on growth of self

Having discovered that, the true self comes from imitation the socialization of children is worth scrutiny. The main socialization tool in the world today is the media. It becomes imperative to bring the “Dreamworlds3” under consideration (Sut Jhally, 2008).

The very explicit nature of the video in exposing the different aspects that the music videos portray and the damaging image that they have on children and teenagers. As already seen before, the process of discovering self is made up of imitation, and children’s discovery of self may be influenced by such videos.

The result of such videos is that they will build personalities which tend to objectify a woman and have disastrous notions that the masculine gender is powerful and can get away with anything.

Girls will feel endangered by watching, such videos and their socialization aspect of life are greatly influenced negatively (Sut Jhally, 2008).


The effects of phonographic videos in the media today have greatly influenced the socialization of teenagers in trying to imitate what they see in the videos.

It follows that the teenagers personalities will be interfered with and their perception on the opposite gender will be affected.

Some will be permissible to certain vices while others will grow feeling endangered. Crimes such as rape can not be ruled out.


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